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The Weekend – Pumpkin Cookies, A Selfie Stick, Puppy Play Dates, & The Seating Chart

This weekend was the first in what felt like forever that we were able to spend the whole weekend at home together.  We have had SO many exciting things going on this year – from friends getting married to family events – but the only downside to being on the road all the time is that we don’t have too many weekends to relax at home.

So we took full advantage of the down time.  On Saturday I caught the cooking fever and whipped up a batch of these delicious and simple pumpkin cookies along with the cream cheese icing.  I was too lazy to ice them as beautifully as I did last year, but they were just as good.

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies

While I was busy in the kitchen, I also made some hummus.  For some reason, mid-week I was craving hummus and olives in the worst way (random, I know).  So I made a point to visit the antipasta bar at Wegmans on Saturday and get the necessary supplies.

For dinner on Saturday we had Salmon Ceasar salads.  There’s nothing better than a healthy home cooked meal after being on the go.

In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying the running trail this summer and fall.  It’s so peaceful to be out on the trail with the B doggie. I love that I can feel like I’m submersed in nature and still be close enough to road traffic not to feel secluded.

I never thought I would say this but I bought a selfie stick, and it’s awesomeee.  (B dog was excited too).  Can’t wait to use this bad boy on our honeymoon.

On Sunday we watched more football and had a few friends over that also have a GSP.  I absolutely love watching these two together.  It just makes my little puppy-loving heart melt.

After the fun was over and everyone went home, Kris and I decided we should probably get a move on our seating chart.  So we implemented a super high tech plan to map out our seating arrangements.

1 sheet of paper = 1 table

1 post-it = 1 guest’s name

It’s a work in process.

Anyone have any super fancy (or not so fancy) ways they charted out their seating arrangements?


How We Chose a Wedding Photographer

When we began our wedding planning, we made a list of things that we felt needed to be priorities.  Our first decision was the time of year, followed shortly by a range of dates that could work for us.  After that we started making lots of inquiries and touring a few of the venues that came in at our price range.

After the date was set and the venue was booked (yay!), we went back and forth about a photographer.  Well… I went back and forth about a photographer.  I couldn’t decide how important it was.  I came into the process thinking that most people only really have a few wedding photos that they really love and those are the ones that get framed.  The rest just sit in a box somewhere or never get printed to begin with.  I felt the same way about engagement pictures.  It’s really cute when people send save the dates with engagement photos, but I think my friends will forgive me for not sending them a magnet with our faces on it to display for 9 months on their fridge.

Then I started talking to friends and family and a few of them pointed out that the wedding photos are really the only tangible thing you walk away with after the wedding is all said and done (hopefully Kris will still be around too).  And that’s when I started looking at photographers in the next price range and realized what all the fuss was about.

sports engagement photo rachel tokarski

For me it was really difficult to look at different photographers’ work and have a vision of how I would fit into the mix.  I’m just not a person with a natural “vision” when it comes to these things. But there were a few photographers that I liked what I saw.  Most photographers have blogs and websites and lots of ways that make it easy to display their work.

fall engagement photo rachel tokarski

Since we live in Buffalo and the photographers we were checking out were in Pittsburgh, we set up a few Skype sessions to meet the ones we were most interested in (and fit into our new price range).  After a few interviews and some deliberation we decided to choose Rachel Tokarski and just judging from our engagement session preview, we are very happy with our choice! Rachel and her mom made the trip up to New York to shoot our engagement photos and were super fun to work with.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results and to having her around on our big day!

rachel tokarski fall engagement

I will be sure to share more about outfit choices, makeup decisions, and locations in the near future!

All photos in this post were taken by Rachel Tokarski Photography and all opinions are my own.  There are no affiliate links, just one happy customer!

Wedding Planning for Dummy

If you’re wondering who the ‘Dummy’ is, it’s me.  I have to admit that I am not one of those girls who has been planning and dreaming of their wedding day since I was little.  Until I met Kris a few years ago, I wasn’t sure that I would even ever have a wedding.  I mean sure, who doesn’t hope to find Mr. Right, but after a while it’s difficult not to get discouraged.

BUT, lucky for me, Mr. Right finally made his way into my life and there I was, completely ecstatic about being engaged to Kris, and completely clueless with what to do next. 

marriage meme

So here’s how we sorted through the beginning of the process:

I knew I wanted to have a fall wedding. I love the leaves and the crisp air and the pumpkin everything. So silly me, I assumed I was ahead of the game with about 15 months until my estimated wedding date… Well I was wrong. You can imagine my surprise when I made a few inquiries and found out every Saturday in 2016 until November was already booked at many venues. So I knew I had to move quickly to reserve my date.

The first thing we did was each make a rough list of guests that we wanted to invite.

After that we tried to determine what our budget was. We knew we didn’t want to go into debt over our wedding day.  So we started by reaching out to our families and then came up with an amount we thought we could save ourselves between now and the big day to come up with a final budget.

wedding money meme

Then we came up with a number we believe we can get our guest list down to that fits within the budget and started making inquiries at different venues.  And just as a side note, The Knot has completely revolutionized making inquiries. All the information you need is just a few clicks away and the vendors will email you their information. Gotta love technology.

For each venue I entered the costs into a spreadsheet and tried to capture every possible expense down to the darn postage.

After narrowing down our price, guest list, and style of wedding, we went to look at a few of the venues that fit the bill and I can officially say we have booked a date!

open bar wedding meme

Next up, finding a photographer.  Stay tuned kids!