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London – Day 1

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone!  After a full Sunday of traveling, I am exhausted.  I headed out for the London airport early yesterday morning where I caught my flight to Toronto, and finally made it back home to New York around 8pm.  Here’s the beginning of the recap of our trip.  We got to see a lot of incredible sights. The pictures don’t even do them justice, but they’re still pretty cool.

Here’s a recap of our first day in London:

We originally bought bus passes for the weekend, but we ended up walking most of the time.  Many of the walking areas were gorgeous and one of the first things on our list was to see Buckingham Palace.

london sidewalk

london parks

And it did not disappoint!

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

It was so crazy how many visitors were at the palace at all times.  It was constantly swarming with people taking pictures and looking through the gates.

buckingham palace

After we walked around Buckingham Palace, we decided to walk through St James Park.  The park was absolutely gorgeous and it is filled with different kinds of ducks, birds, and geese.

duck st james park

After we walked through the park we checked out some of the other areas in search of a pub to get some food.

downtown london

kings arm menu

We found a great pub with good beer and ordered some appetizers to share that included some traditional fish n’ chips (of course).

fish n chips

After dinner we headed back to the hotel before we did a Jack the Ripper tour. The tour was pretty neat, but we were exhausted by the end.  Our guide told the story of Jack the Ripper and led us around to different spots in London where the famous serial killer had struck.

london tower

jack the ripper

The buildings and the architecture all around London were beautiful and overwhelming.  It’s such a neat feeling to be in a place that holds so much history.  We packed a lot of sight seeing in our short 3 day trip; I will be sure to share the rest soon!


How to Avoid Checking a Bag & Other Travel Tips

One of the biggest hassles when it comes to air travel is waiting for baggage (and chasing it down when it doesn’t show up). I am not an avid traveler, but I seem to be air-bound at least a few times a year. So here are some tips for your next trip!

Shop the travel section at Target. Here is what I have in my gallon sized plastic bag for London (all 3ozs or less):

From the left: Bronzing lotion (this is a travel bottle that I bought and filled myself), shampoo, conditioner, face wash, mouthwash, lotion, and hairspray. 

 Bring snacks! Airport foot is expensive and unimpressive.    

Check the weather forecast. I get the feeling it can be pretty rainy in London so I jumped at the chance to use my Lulu Lemon raincoat that folds up into one of the pockets :

Plan outfits that allow you to re-wear certain pieces. And roll your clothes instead of folding them.

I think I learned this tip from a high school friend that was wise beyond her years. 

I also found out the hard way that airlines are cracking down on the 10kg per carry-on rule (that supposedly has always been in existence, however, unenforced). 

I also threw in my lucky charms for good measure:


And converted some cash money before we left (ok, actually I can’t take credit for this one… Thank you Kris!) 


Lastly, load up that kindle and try to enjoy the ride! 

What are your favorite travel tips?

5 Tips for Holiday Road Trips

Happy Christmas week everyone! I am one of the many that will be packing up and hitting the road this week.  We are spending Christmas in Buffalo with my boyfriend’s family.  This is the first Christmas that I will not be spending with my family and it makes me a little sad, but I’m also very excited to partake in Kris’ family holiday traditions! In honor of my tendency to become alarmingly hangry when my routine is switched up in any way, I thought I would share some tips to prepare for a healthy (and happy) road trip.

1. Eat a real meal before you leave

Especially if you are planning on working out before you hit the road.  There is nothing worse than riding that workout high riiiight until you get in the car and realize you are starving.  And subsequently end up at the McDonald’s drive through ordering a Family Dinner Box. Then hating yourself for the remainder of the trip day.  Make sure you include protein to hold you over for a while.

2. Pack portable snacks!

Pack snacks not just for the road trip but also in case you get hungry during the trip.  That way you know you have something healthy to munch on instead of waiting until you are starving and eating the entire tray of Christmas cookies.  Is there really ever a time that there should not be snacks readily available?  I always keep granola bars, nuts, a banana, or some sort of snack in my bag.  I am so guilty of of being hangry (hungry + angry), and most times there is no warning. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😡 <—— that’s me.  We watched the Lego movie this weekend and I totally related to Uni-kitty (a little too much), this is me when I’m hungry:


.Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.09.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.55.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.09.39 PM


3. Prepare your Entertainment

Sometimes when I am sick of the radio I prepare something ahead of time that will keep me entertained and more importantly – awake. Maybe some holiday Christmas music?  The Transiberian Orchestra has an awesome Pandora holiday station.  But if you’re not feeling the music, you can also download an audio book from iTunes.  I did this for a long road trip in October and I loved it.  I am so guilty of almost falling asleep when it gets dark and I’m in the car, so I needed something that would keep my interest.  The only downfall is that you have to download it with wifi, so it takes a bit of preparation. There is also a podcast for just about every interest, which is a great time killer. Also –  I like to stock my kindle before I go anywhere so that I know I will always have entertainment if the need arises.

4. Plan Milestones / Pit Stops

If at all possible, plan ahead for pit stops or milestones in your trip.  Maybe you know there is a Starbucks off of a certain highway exit?  This gives you a chance to stretch your legs, get some caffeine, and have something to look forward to that doesn’t seem as daunting as the final destination.

5. Plan for Workouts

Many times the holidays fly by and it feels like you don’t have a moment to spare.  Sometimes there is just no time to fit in a workout, especially when you are spending time with loved ones that you don’t see very often.  But if you need a little endorphin boost (or a stress reliever), there’s no harm in having a no-equipment workout on hand.  I hate to admit it but I am so much happier when I get in a workout.  Maybe it’s the endorphins?  Maybe it’s a feeling of accomplishment? Maybe there is something wrong with me? But I’m pretty sure I do everyone a favor when I get my butt out of bed a little early to sneak in some sort of physical activity.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.09.52 PM    Hangry.

Safe travels!