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Weekend Eats + A House Update

Good morning and happy Monday, my friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was pretty low key.  We did a lot of lounging and recovery from a rough Saturday night when the poor little B dog came down with a nasty case of kennel cough. She seems to be doing just fine, but she was hacking up some pretty nasty stuff every hour Saturday night.  So I spent a night catching up on the last season of Suits and chasing her around every hour until 5am.  That’s the first all-nighter I’ve had in a long time.

But to rewind a little bit, Saturday morning I went to a new-to-me boot camp class and I am sure feeling it.  After bootcamp we had a little lunch and headed over to check out the house!

We are so excited to move into our first home together and it’s so amazing to see it all coming together (after what felt like forever getting started).  We have kitchen cabinets!

house kitchen

house morning room

I also got a little crafty in the kitchen this weekend, and made this Chicken Pad Thai recipe:

chicken pad thai

And this slow-cooker butternut squash soup recipe.  (I also added ginger to the mix and it was a great decision).

slow cooker butternut squash soup

This evening I’m hoping to go for a run before it gets too dark, even though my poor little running buddy is on house arrest.

Did you eat anything good over the weekend?

Has your dog ever had the dreaded kennel cough?


Butternut Goat Cheese Salads

I actually found this little gem in my drafts from August and although, it’s actually not what I’m having for lunch this week, it is perfect for the season!  (And it was delicious).

butternut goat cheese salad

Butternut Goat Cheese Salads


If you’re in the market to spice up your lunches and celebrate the season, definitely give it a try.  I would also like to try it with pomegranate seeds instead of the craisins.

pomegranate seeds

I put these on a chicken kale & wild rice salad last night and it was glorious.  I also squeezed in a 6 mile run with the Queen B and made enough salads for lunches the rest of the week. Success!

6 mile run garmin 220

…And then ate two huge bowls of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s before bed because I was starving.

trader joe's pumpkin o's

No regrets.  They kind of remind me of Apple Jacks or something, but pumpkin.  If that makes sense? Definitely worth a try.

Have a great day!

Lunch for the Week: Mason Jar Chicken Salads

On Sunday I decided to try an experiment for lunches this week.  I have seen a few articles online about putting salads in mason jars.  Not only does it look delicious, but it keeps your dressing on the bottom and lettuce on the top so that it doesn’t get soggy by the end of the week.  It’s also a major selling point that Ball mason jars are around $10 for a 9-12 jar pack and are made of glass.  I made traditional chicken salads for mine, but there are tons of different options out there.  This Buzzfeed article lists 18 different types of salads with links to the recipes.

Mason Jar Chicken Salads

Mason Jar Chicken Salads

Makes 8 mason jar salads.  Cut ingredients in half if cooking for one.


– yogurt bleu cheese dressing

– balsamic vinegar

– 6 baby cucumbers, sliced

– 1 package sliced baby bella mushrooms

– 3 bell peppers, diced

– 2 lbs of cooked chicken breast (I used chipotle pepper seasoning on mine)

– 1 bag baby spinach


1. Chop and cook chicken as desired.

2. Layer the ingredients in order of the list above (first to last) so that the dressing is on the bottom.

3. Stock the fridge, grab on your way out the door, and enjoy!

I enjoyed mine with a side of fruit and a few pieces of dark chocolate.

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas for Two

Happy hump day! Last night, in honor of cinco de mayo, Kris talked me into having a margarita with dinner.  I was a little reluctant at first… as much as I love a drink after work I feel like I haven’t been eating the best… but then again, I am easily peer pressured.


So Kris made the margaritas and they turned out awesome.  We threw together some ingredients we had on hand and didn’t even have to use a sugar and preservative-filled drink mix.  Here is the recipe:

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas for Two


– crushed ice

– 2 shots tequilla

– 1/2 shot triple sec

– 1 teaspoon sugar

– juice from 2 limes

– salt to taste (we added a decent amount)

Mix ingredients in drink shaker, serve in margarita glasses (line with salt, if you prefer) 🙂

I have to admit we weren’t very festive with our choice of dinner though… we had sloppy joes and margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  At least we got it half right?


Pizza Casserole Success!

Last night after the gym I hit the treadmill for a quick 3 miles.  I am so behind in my half marathon training, but the weather has just been terrible and I hate running on the treadmill.  I definitely slowed down from last week… maybe it was the funfetti cake for lunch?  It amazes me how much of a difference I see in my running when I eat the right foods.


When I got home, I had a can of this carbonated water while I worked on dinner.


When I saw the recipe for skinny pizza pasta on Life in Leggings, I obviously jumped at the chance to make something new containing my favorite food group – pizza.  And it was a success!!


I followed the recipe pretty closely, except a few additions:


– 1 clove garlic

– oregano

– crushed red pepper

I used the second half of the green pepper to add to a side salad:


And dinner turned out awesome!


I will be chipping away at this bad boy for the rest of the week.  The only thing it was missing was a glass of wine! I’ll be sure to correct that this evening 🙂

Lemon Everything + The Coffee Experiment

Happy Sunday! I was up nice and early this morning on a mission.  Yesterday I found this recipe for Lemon Raspberry Muffins that I thought sounded delicious.  So when I did my grocery shopping yesterday I stocked up on the ingredients.  And they turned out awesome.


I enjoyed them with a new coffee experiment.  They had the prepackaged Starbucks Peppermint Mocha at the store last night, and I usually walk right past because while it’s not terrible it’s got a TON of sugar (for someone who doesn’t put sugar in their morning coffee).  But then I had a brainstorm… what if I mix regular coffee with the Peppermint Mocha (no cream) and ice it.  So far it’s a success… I’ll let you know if I regret this decision later.  It might be a pretty hefty dose of caffeine.


But before I had breakfast, I had a warm glass of water with the juice from half of a lemon.  I know many people start their day out this way and swear by it, but I never really believed the hype until the other day when I stumbled upon an article one of my Facebook friends posted:


Seems like reason enough for me.  I wasn’t really sure the best way to approach it, since “warm” is a very vague term and I use cold Brita water to drink.  So I heated up some water on the lowest setting of my tea pot (160 degrees) and it was the perfect temp:



I’m not sure my weekday morning routine can handle any more additions but I stocked up on lemons to give it a try this week!

Week 1 Meal Planning

Hi! Happy Sunday.  It’s already time again to start planning meals for the week.  Although I do adapt my meals as the week plays out, I usually formulate a plan on Sundays and try my best to stick to it! So this will be the first of a series of weekly meal plans.  I enjoy finding new recipes from around the internet, but I also have some regular go-tos.  Once I find something I like for breakfast or lunch I will eat it over and over again until I can’t even think about it anymore. But for dinners, I like to switch up!

So, here we go:


– 1 slice Ezekial 7 sprouted grains bread with Justin’s vanilla almond butter and small glass of OJ


– 1 slice leftover cherry coconut chia seed bread with a hard boiled egg and small glass of OJ

I usually make coffee at work, but I made this awesome find at TJ Maxx yesterday, so I may brew some at home this week.  I think it would be delicious over ice:



– kale chicken wild rice bowl  I had this for lunches last week, and I still can’t get enough.


Green tea with:

– 1/2 cup Fage 0% plain greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of honey (here is a good tutorial to cut a pomegranate)


– Banana with a handful of almonds


Sunday – Slow cooker chicken chili (with a few adaptions, stay tuned!)

Monday – Kale swiss tomato pizza (I’ve never made a pizza from scratch before, looks like I’ll have to start the crust today)

Tuesday – Leftover chicken chili

Wednesday – Leftover pizza (assuming there will be leftovers)

Thursday – baked salmon, roasted sweet potato, & brussels sprout slaw

Friday – go out to eat

Saturday – go out to eat

I hope you have a great Sunday!