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The Weekend – Pumpkin Cookies, A Selfie Stick, Puppy Play Dates, & The Seating Chart

This weekend was the first in what felt like forever that we were able to spend the whole weekend at home together.  We have had SO many exciting things going on this year – from friends getting married to family events – but the only downside to being on the road all the time is that we don’t have too many weekends to relax at home.

So we took full advantage of the down time.  On Saturday I caught the cooking fever and whipped up a batch of these delicious and simple pumpkin cookies along with the cream cheese icing.  I was too lazy to ice them as beautifully as I did last year, but they were just as good.

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies

While I was busy in the kitchen, I also made some hummus.  For some reason, mid-week I was craving hummus and olives in the worst way (random, I know).  So I made a point to visit the antipasta bar at Wegmans on Saturday and get the necessary supplies.

For dinner on Saturday we had Salmon Ceasar salads.  There’s nothing better than a healthy home cooked meal after being on the go.

In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying the running trail this summer and fall.  It’s so peaceful to be out on the trail with the B doggie. I love that I can feel like I’m submersed in nature and still be close enough to road traffic not to feel secluded.

I never thought I would say this but I bought a selfie stick, and it’s awesomeee.  (B dog was excited too).  Can’t wait to use this bad boy on our honeymoon.

On Sunday we watched more football and had a few friends over that also have a GSP.  I absolutely love watching these two together.  It just makes my little puppy-loving heart melt.

After the fun was over and everyone went home, Kris and I decided we should probably get a move on our seating chart.  So we implemented a super high tech plan to map out our seating arrangements.

1 sheet of paper = 1 table

1 post-it = 1 guest’s name

It’s a work in process.

Anyone have any super fancy (or not so fancy) ways they charted out their seating arrangements?


A Healthy Fall-Inspired Dinner

Last week when I was at the grocery store, I decided to make an impulse buy.  I actually didn’t realize for the longest time that people cooked with acorn squash.  I thought it was just one of those squashes that people use to decorate with… like a pumpkin or a gourd.  I know, sometimes I wonder how I’ve survived this long in my bubble.

So I went home with my acorn squash and looked up some recipes.  That’s when I came across this Acorn Squash with Kale and Sausage recipe by Epicurious. I don’t think I’ve tried a recipe yet off of this site that I didn’t love.  So I went with it.

acorn squash

acorn squash sausage kale

I may never figure out how to take pretty pictures of food.  Foodies, tell me your secrets! Please!!!

The recipe turned out pretty good, but I have to be honest… the leftover pumpkin cookies are what really completed the meal.  They just took it up that extra notch to round out the awesome fall flavors.

pumpkin cookies

On a side note – me and the Queen B braved some rain drops and survived a 4 mile run yesterday after work. I really can’t figure out everything that makes for a good run, but every once in a while the stars align and I just feel like I could go all Forrest Gump on the sidewalk.  That was yesterday.  So on that note, gotta keep the momentum going!  Happy Tuesday!

Hot Yoga, Pumpkin Cookies, & the Eternal Flame

Happy Monday!  Where did the weekend go??  I can’t believe how fast they fly by.  We spent a relaxing weekend at home, which seems to be a rare occasion these days.

On Friday we checked out the house and went to dinner.  We have walls! Sort of.

house construction

Saturday was rainy and cold.  It definitely felt like fall though, which made us want to stay inside and be cozy!  I went to a morning hot yoga class, then ran to the grocery store to prepare for some serious baking.


I decided to get on the pumpkin EVERYTHING train and drink a Pumking while I made some pumpkin cookies.  These bad boys used 3 ingredients (1 box yellow cake mix, pumpkin pie spice to taste, 1 can pumpkin – bake 10 mins @ 350F).

pumpkin cookies

And I topped them with a cream cheese frosting:

pumpkin cookies

They taste like a delicious, addicting, pumpkin cinnamon roll.  And now I can’t stop thinking about eating another one…

While I was feeling drunk ambitious in the kitchen, I also made some chili for our Sunday tailgate.

tailgate chili

Sunday morning we were up and at ’em bright and early.  I took B to the puppy park to get some serious frisbee time in before we left for the game.


Followed by a breakfast of 2 eggs and a slice of toast. mmmmm.

eggs and toast

After a successful tailgate, we made our way into the game.

buffalo bills game

It’s pretty hard to believe, but I get in my 10,000 Fitbit steps on game days just from walking from the car to the stadium and back.

After we had witnessed enough of the beat down, we headed over to Chestnut Ridge park to check out some potential engagement photo shoot spots and ended up taking a beautiful hike to see the Eternal Flame.



pine forest


The Eternal Flame is a natural gas spring behind a waterfall that someone, somehow, realized could be lit to create a flame.  You can hike right up to the flame and check it out, it was a pretty incredible sight.

eternal flame

eternal flame

And that about sums up our weekend.  Now it’s time to get our Monday on!  Here’s to coffee, a quiet office, healthy choices, and starting the week off right.

Have a great day!