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A Buffalo Weekend + Some Meal Planning

Good morning!!  It was another successful weekend in Buffalo, complete with playing snow frisbee and hitting the slopes


The only bad part?  I had to hit the road super early yesterday morning.  When my alarm went off at 4:30am, let’s just say I was not exactly up and at ’em.  So Monday was a little painful, but I persevered and even did some cleaning, made a trip to the grocery store, and did some food prep and planning for the week.

But I wasn’t exactly on my best behavior yesterday.  The morning started out good when I made some Chex instant oatmeal with a pear, dates, and a handful of walnuts.


But then it quickly went downhill when I had funfetti cake for lunch.  Whoops (worth it).  But to make up for my cheat, I did have some a whole bag of these kale chips from Trader Joe’s:


Think that evens it out?  We’ll go with that.

On the menu this week:

Breakfasts – Whole wheat English muffin with Justin’s Almond Butter and fresh fruit

Lunches – Chicken & rice kale bowl

Snacks – This new hazelnut chai tea with either a yogurt or a chocolate banana protein shake

Dinners – I’m excited to try this awesome skinny pizza pasta with a side salad (and a glass of vino)

Have a great Tuesday!


Meal Prep, Sunday Dinner, and The Blacklist

Good morning, and happy Monday! Yesterday was a fairly productive Sunday, we started off the day sipping our morning coffee and watching The Blacklist.  We started watching the series on Netflix a couple days ago and we are completely addicted.  It is so, so good.

I even got my nails painted while we watched.  I decided to switch it up go and with regular polish instead of using my gel kit.  Hopefully I don’t regret it!  The gel lasts so much longer, but I have so many more options with the regular.  Yesterday I was really feeling the Essie color “No more film”.  It felt like a January color to me.


At some point in the afternoon we finally worked up enough will-power to leave The Blacklist and go for a run and do some grocery shopping.

For dinner we made leftover pulled pork, sauerkraut, and roasted baby red potatoes:

I got this new USA Pan for Christmas and it makes a world of difference on the potatoes!


Kris actually made the pulled pork from a pork loin for NYE.  I was completely impressed, because generally I don’t love the consistency of the prepackaged/marinated pork loins.


P.s. this BBQ sauce is amazing.



There were no trips to Bed Bath & Beyond or Home Depot, but it was a nice little Sunday.


For breakfast this morning was half of a whole wheat Wolferman’s English muffin with this awesome new Almond butter I got and a little red raspberry jam:



It needed a little bit of stirring when I opened it, but it has a great taste.

And it went well with half of a grapefruit.


On the lunch menu this week – more chicken & rice kale bowls.  I can’t get enough of them!


Someone looves apples…


And for an afternoon snack today I packed some laughing cow cheese with blue corn tortilla chips and a mandarin orange cup!


Happy Monday!  The Bachelor starts tonight! 🙂