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Free Showtime Weekend + Some Good Eats and Reads

With all of the winter shows coming back I saw something on tv the other day that I have just confirmed… Showtime is free all weekend!  I recently cancelled my subscription to movie channels other than HBO in an effort to cut down my astronomical cable bill, so I was super excited that I can watch the season premier of Shameless and maybe even catch up on Homeland this weekend (there goes all productivity).  But with this beautiful weather, it’s a good weekend for B snuggles on the couch anyway.



Last night I went to my sister’s for dinner and she made some delicious eats from her Skinny Taste cookbook:


Crab cake, greek salad, and bun-less turkey burgers with all super fresh ingredients.  It really hit the spot.  She found her cookbook at Target, and I think I might have to look into purchasing one as well.

Carl even poked his head out to check out all the commotion:


My sister has two corn snakes (Carl and Stewie).  Snakes really creep me out, but holding my sister’s snakes every once in a while has really helped my paralyzing fear.  She also has a little beta named Bosley:


This morning for breakfast I had a slice of multigrain toast with sunflower seed butter and a drizzle of honey:


Last night I finally finished the Mazerunner book series and they were really good.  They kept my interest throughout the entire series and had a Divergent/Hunger Games feel.  I would highly recommend them for an entertaining and easy read.  Now I’m moving on to Wild.

Have a good Saturday!