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Laser Tag, Gardening, and a Workout Recap

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

I hope you are having an awesome weekend prepping for fun and Super Bowl festivities today. Our weekend consisted of going to Mexico for dinner on Friday night, followed by an intense game of laser tag.


We actually talked about going to see a movie after dinner, but we were feeling a little unsure of our abilities to stay awake for a movie, and there just happened to be an Xtreme Laser Storm next door to the restaurant.  We walked in, unsure of what we were about to find… after noticing advertisements for having birthday parties there, it soon became clear that our competition might be much younger and more agile.  But there was a wide range of ages and types and we began to feel a little more comfortable that we weren’t the creepy “older kids” hanging out at a laser tag joint on a Friday night.

After a 5 minute briefing we were sent into the war zone and the madness began.


The game lasted about 10 minutes and the goal was to shoot as many opposing team players as possible, as well as their “base” if you can get to it.  After you get hit twice you have to go to a “reloading” station and start over.  After the game is over they announce an MVP from each team… and of course Kris was the MVP of the red team (I’ve never been so proud), so we have a nice, shiny “buy one get one free” for the next time we go back (and we will be going back).

On Saturday we did some shopping/browsing and I came across this awesome vegetable gardening book!


It breaks down all kinds of different vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. and tells you what to do by month to prep.  I want to get a fluorescent light and a table for the basement and start growing!  There will definitely be more to come on this topic!

This morning we made a delicious breakfast of pancakes and kiwi (since the super pint of kiwi that I bought is super ripe)



They weren’t the healthiest pancakes, but I tried to make myself feel a little better about them by using the Bisquick boxed recipe, but replace one cup of Bisquick with Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Pancake Mix.


Later we will be heading out to my parents to watch the Superbowl and celebrate my sister’s birthday with an awesome fiesta!  We began the fiesta tradition for my sister’s birthday when she turned 21, and it was such a hit that we’ve been doing it every year since.  I’m also super excited because this is a rare event for our family lately … every one is able to make it!!

I hope you have a great Sunday! Here’s the weekly workout recap:

Sunday – rest

Monday – EFX class at FASTER

Tuesday – 3 miles treadmill

Wednesday – EFX class at FASTER

Thursday – 4 miles treadmill

Friday – EFX class at FASTER

Saturday – rest


Welcome, 2015! The Year of the Green Thumb?

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t exactly start 2015 off with a bang.  I actually learned a very sad and valuable lesson… I can’t handle more than about 2 drinks.  I planned to make my pork and sauerkraut, get my life organized, and start off on the right foot on January 1st!  How wrong I was. We stayed in and had a few friends over for New Years Eve.  It was nice and low key and I had about 4 drinks, nothing wild and crazy, but apparently I am getting old because I had the worst hangover of my life.  We’re talking 2 days, barely getting down water, borderline deathbed.  And I had to work on Friday.  Yikes.  I’m not proud, it was miserable.  But on the bright side, hopefully I can really only go up from here?  So here are some random happenings from the past couple days:

This morning we celebrated my coming back from the dead with a delicious breakfast of dippy eggs, blueberry English muffins, turkey bacon, and grapefruit. mmmmm.


Last night, to cheer me up,  Kris was nice enough to let me pick out a Beta fish and buy it for him. (There’s something wrong with this picture).  We think his name is going to be Ollie Walter Williams (because those are the 3 names we keep calling him).  So far he’s doing great, and B thinks his food smells deliciosa!


On another note, I think today might be the day that my orchids start to bloom!!



They are really happy on the windowsill and bloom about twice a year.  One of these days I’m going to commit to taking a photo series that I can turn into a flip book to watch them bloom.  I love plants, and I have a small assortment of orchids.  Did you know they can take around 7 years to bloom from the time they are planted??  Crazy, right.  I don’t nurse them from little baby orchids, I don’t have the patience or the skill set (yet), but I am still waiting on a few young’nz to show their first blossoms:


They share some shelf space with this little aloe plant that Kris harvested as a tiny baby:


(yes, I keep it in a yogurt container… it looks kind of ridiculous, but it works great!)

I think this year we may attempt a small flower and vegetable garden.  However, Kris always jokes that if a plant is not within a 3 foot radius of the sink it is doomed.  Case and point, this poor little poinsettia I am trying to nurse back to life after I forgot about it…


I know, it’s embarrassing.  But if you look closely you can see little green buds coming back!! I have made it my mission to nurse it back to health for next year.

I am also working on a list of races to run this year that I will be sure to share! I hope your 2015 is off to a much better start than mine!