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Week 1

Hello there! Long time no talk.  The past month has been crazy busy at work, but this week I made a commitment to myself that I would get back on track… so here we go.  Week 1 (and some random ramblings about the happenings of late).

  1. I signed up to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon again in May as a charity runner for the Animal Rescue League.  Last year was the first year I signed up as a charity runner and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  It will be a bit more difficult for me this year because living 3 hours away will make it tough to participate in most of the charity events, but the show must go on!  If you would like to donate to the cause or become a charity runner yourself, you can find my page here:

2. I have been trying to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather to get some runs in.  I recently got a Fitbit Charge HR and I am in LOVE.  It is such a motivator for me to get moving when I have to try to meet my 10,000 steps and to get to bed when I want to meet my 8 hour sleep goals.

Fitbit Charge HR

I also really enjoyed Laurel’s FitBit challenge this week.  I actually walked laps around our apartment to meet my goal last night… but hey, a step’s a step.

I don’t think I’m the only one enjoying all these extra steps…

when you can't even

3. On Tuesday evening I even made it back to the yoga studio for a hot happy hour.  I love yoga.  It is such a great workout physically and mentally.  And who doesn’t feel accomplished after a good sweat at a heated class??  I realized the other day that I haven’t been to a class since the beginning of the summer.  I should probably also mention that it feels painful to be back.  Holy crap, I was sore the past 2 days.  (But I secretly love it.)

4. Now the challenge will be to stick with it! Consistency is my arch nemesis (incase you haven’t noticed).  I know this is probably not my last ‘Week 1’ ever, but hopefully it is the last one for a while. 🙂

Now to keep the momentum going over the weekend!  Happy Friday, all!


Weekly Workout Recap + Weekend Egg Sandwich

Hi! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Before we get to the weekly workout recap, I had to share one of my favorite weekend traditions… egg sandwiches. Nothing is better than waking up, having a couple cups of coffee, and enjoying a delicious egg sandwich.

We usually make ours with a toasted whole grain English muffin, scrambled eggs with crushed red pepper (the secret ingredient):

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.09.59 AM

Trader Joe’s smoked gouda (this is probably the best cheese ever)

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.10.15 AM

And bacon! (we switch it up between turkey and regular)

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.10.37 AM

And of course, B gets a slice of bacon (her favorite weekend tradition)



This week in workouts:

Sunday – rest

Monday – one mile treadmill run + circuit workout

Tuesday – rest (does Christmas shopping count?)

Wednesday – Fusion class

Thursday – rest

Friday – Fusion class

Saturday – rest

Not my most inspiring week ever, but every little bit counts!

A Pleasant Surprise (and Tomorrow’s “Friday”!)

Hello there!

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I opened my mail last night (ok, I guess it wasn’t too much of a surprise).  I had forgotten that a couple weeks ago I ordered a ‘Pens & Paws’ 2015 calendar to support the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh. (And also because what is better than hockey players and cute fuzzy animals??)


So my day was off to a good start! 2015 Here I come!!

For breakfast I have been craving the same thing over and over and over again… a whole grain English muffin with Justin’s vanilla almond butter and a small glass of orange juice (which I forgot to include in my picture, whoops!):


For lunch I used some leftover turkey from friendsgiving to make a salad with potato fries I made ahead of time and mustard as dressing with a sliced Granny Smith apple on the side:


I also enjoyed a banana with a few handfuls of almonds and macadamia nuts and my favorite green tea for an afternoon snack:


Dinner consisted of leftover Spicy Thai Pumpkin Butternut Ramen. (I even pureed my own pumpkin! But alas, I could not find a chili pepper.. so I had to substitute jalapeños)


And now I’m headed out the door to a spinning class! I could not wake up in time for the 45 minute class this morning, so I am paying the price by having to take the hour long class this evening.

I hope your having a great day! Just think… tomorrow is Friday already, whoop whoop!

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!

And it’s a short work week, yay!  But with the short week and all of the fun holiday plans it’s hard to stay motivated, so I needed a little motivation myself.  I usually try to plan my weekly workouts and a few dinner meals on Monday morning (a little late today, but better late than never).

This is what my week is shaping up to look like:

Monday – circuit workout (Body Works Plus Abs class at LA Fitness)

Tuesday – 45 minute AM spinning class

Wednesday – circuit workout (Pinterest is a great source to find workouts to take to the gym with you)

Thursday – hot yoga class

Friday – turkey trot

Saturday – run 5 miles

Sunday – rest

You may be wondering why the turkey trot falls on black Friday… My family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday this year to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, so I have created my own turkey trot (and I may also be the only one running in it) 🙂

I usually try to plan my running days around the weather and alternate cardio and strength days.

Now to stick to the plan…

I hope your week is off to a good start!

The Beginning of a Very Beautiful Relationship

Welcome to Finance & Fitness!

A blog sharing my love of fitness, food, and fun… with a spin.  I’m sure you are all aware of the increasing obsession with health and wellness, and I’m sure you are also well aware of the increasing impact on your wallet.  I am a CPA by trade, so I suppose you could call me a little frugal (although I’m not sure my boyfriend would agree with that assessment – but everything is relative, right??). My vision for Finance & Fitness is a place where I can provide tips and options to be healthy and fit without breaking the bank, while sharing my life and fun experiences along the way.  What’s not to love, right?

But first, let’s clarify something – while I am a strong advocate that fitness and finance are integral parts of everyday life, – I am also a strong believer that everything should be done and enjoyed in moderation. So this blog will inevitably include chocolate, the occasional cheesecake, way more pizza than any human should probably ever consume, as well as a few a decent amount of cheat days (hey! rest days are important too).

While I am constantly reading about exercise, food, and wellness I am NOT a registered dietitian, doctor, or fitness expert.  All opinions are my own, and they are just that – opinions (even though we all know everything found on the internet is fact). Any changes to your diet or exercise regimen should be discussed with a professional.

So let’s do this thang! I’m so glad you are here and I hope you will stick around!