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Easter Sunday Detox Monday

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with fun, family and sweets (maybe even a little sunshine??)!

On Friday afternoon we headed down to Pittsburgh for a weekend of family time and so. much. food.  Friday night we ate at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza and it was delicious.  I LOVE their pizza covered in arugula mmmmm.

Saturday evening we all got together for a family meal.  Mom made lasagna and everyone seemed to have desserts on the brain because we ate ALL of the desserts.


My brother brought these ridiculously cute and delicious mini cupcakes:


My sister and her boyfriend brought an almond torte cake from Prantil’s:


And my mom got an Angel food cake with sliced strawberries.  So I think it’s safe to say we did Easter right.

Yesterday we went to church with my grandma followed by lunch at her house:


So I think it’s safe to say that a detox is needed today.

For breakfast I had my usual whole grain English muffin with 2 kiwis and almond butter:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.29.33 AM

For lunch I packed a kale and baby spinach salad with dried cherries, walnuts, cheese, and some olive oil and balsamic vinegar:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.29.22 AM

For a snack I packed a hard boiled egg and a Chobani yogurt.


Have a great day!


Easter Eggs and A Long Run

Happy Monday!  Sadly, another weekend has come to an end.  Yesterday we started the day drinking coffee and lounging around. Those are the exact ingredients for a great Sunday morning, just incase you were wondering.  Around noon we got ready and headed over to Kris’ aunt and uncle’s house for a delicious lunch!

But first… I ate jelly beans.  A lot of jelly beans.


After lunch we headed out to check out an open house, came home to continue our house searching efforts online, and then hit the road for a long run.  Finally!!! My legs were still extremely sore from my first barre experience, and I was feeling a little post lunch coma coming on but I finally convinced myself that if I am going to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon the first week of May then I had to start getting long runs in.

I started the run thinking “It’s cold out. 7 miles is so excessive. I don’t know why I do this to myself”,  and then “if I can just make it 4 miles then at least it will be a good workout”, and finally “this isn’t so bad, basically only a 5k left”.  And that’s how I finished the 7 mile run.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.05.52 AM

Dinner was baked chicken breast with rice and cream of mushroom soup.  Kris was nice enough to take charge in the kitchen while I showered, recovered, and boiled some eggs for our Easter eggs!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.08.01 AM


This morning for breakfast I had a whole wheat English muffin topped with almond butter and a banana.


Have a great Monday!

A Snowy Saturday… at the End of March

Good morning friends, I hope your weekend is going well!  Ours has been busy but relaxing at the same time.

Yesterday I was up bright and early driving Kris insane with my early bird sleep schedule (what else is new).  For breakfast I had a slice of Ezekial bread toasted, topped with the last of the Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter and a banana with coffeeeee.


I planned to try my first barre class, so when I went out to  my car I was surprised to find that it was buried in a late March snow (I know this shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but for some reason I still remain hopeful every morning that Spring is actually here).

I went to a place called buffaloBARRE for my first encounter.  The instructor was super friendly and the women in the class were all very welcoming.  I bought my first pair of barre sticky socks, grabbed a mat, some bands, and a few weights and before I knew it I was squating and plie-ing my little heart out.  The lighting was dim and the music was perfect for the setting.  It was almost relaxing (minus that pesky feeling that your leg muscles are on fire).  Let’s just say that today I am definitely feeling it.


For lunch I had leftover sushi from Friday night’s dinner, which for some reason I did not get a picture of.  I guess I just wanted to devour it more than I wanted to snap a picture.  Then we got to the unpacking/cleaning/organizing/fun stuff.

I would say it is a pretty big improvement from yesterday:


After I had enough of that for one day, I had a snack consisting of Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss cheese, tortilla chips, and a mango.  I absolutely love mangos.


Then when I went out to do some shopping I couldn’t resist these bad boys.  These were always the best jelly beans we got growing up.  Feeling a little hungry and a little homesick, there was really no resisting (darn it, Target).


Since it has been so cold and miserable here (and I can’t emphasize enough… it’s supposed to be Spring!!!), we decided to make a batch of chili and cornbread for dinner.

I used this cornbread recipe with only one modification – I used a little bit less than a cup of sugar. I couldn’t bring myself to add the entire amount… and no one even missed it!

And this chili recipe that I adapted back in the fall.  We added an extra chipotle chili this time though and my mouth was feeling the burn.


I topped the chili with sour cream, shredded cheddar, and a sprinkle of green onion.


And just incase you never heard of this fancy little hack… I always put my green onion in a glass of water after I buy it so that it will re-grow 😉


After a while it starts to thin out and I just toss it and start over, but it’s definitely nice to get a couple uses out of it.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!