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Hump Day Happenings

Happy hump day! We’re just about half way through another week and hopefully fending off the January blues.  If you’ve never heard of Blue Monday, it is a Monday in January that is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.  2015’s Blue Monday is supposed to be January 26th, but I would argue it might have been Monday the 12th.  Man, it was hard getting back to the grind this week, but on the bright side hopefully that means it’s only up from here!

This morning I kicked off hump day with an EFX class and now I’m back sipping my lemon water and preparing to devour this delicious breakfast:


I mixed some Chex instant oatmeal with 1% milk, then added a spoonful of almond + flax seed Barney Butter, and a small sliced up banana:


mmmm.  Then I fried up an egg for good measure.  On Monday I had made coffee at home, which I normally don’t do on weekdays.  I usually get to work and take advantage of the Keurig, but I really enjoyed iced coffee while I got ready in the morning.  So I made a bigger batch and put what was left in the fridge for mornings this week…. best idea I’ve had in a while.

For lunch today, I packed up some leftover orange chicken and rice with a side of broccoli


And a Key Lime Chobani for an afternoon snack after tea-time:


We’re only 2 days away from Friday night and pizzaaaa.  I think we’re putting Mexico on hold this Friday and going back to our roots.  On a side note – I went to a spinning class last night and thought about pizza for the entire first half of the class…the second half I spent wondering if there is something wrong with me.

Have a good one!


Lemon Everything + The Coffee Experiment

Happy Sunday! I was up nice and early this morning on a mission.  Yesterday I found this recipe for Lemon Raspberry Muffins that I thought sounded delicious.  So when I did my grocery shopping yesterday I stocked up on the ingredients.  And they turned out awesome.


I enjoyed them with a new coffee experiment.  They had the prepackaged Starbucks Peppermint Mocha at the store last night, and I usually walk right past because while it’s not terrible it’s got a TON of sugar (for someone who doesn’t put sugar in their morning coffee).  But then I had a brainstorm… what if I mix regular coffee with the Peppermint Mocha (no cream) and ice it.  So far it’s a success… I’ll let you know if I regret this decision later.  It might be a pretty hefty dose of caffeine.


But before I had breakfast, I had a warm glass of water with the juice from half of a lemon.  I know many people start their day out this way and swear by it, but I never really believed the hype until the other day when I stumbled upon an article one of my Facebook friends posted:


Seems like reason enough for me.  I wasn’t really sure the best way to approach it, since “warm” is a very vague term and I use cold Brita water to drink.  So I heated up some water on the lowest setting of my tea pot (160 degrees) and it was the perfect temp:



I’m not sure my weekday morning routine can handle any more additions but I stocked up on lemons to give it a try this week!