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Hot Yoga, Pumpkin Cookies, & the Eternal Flame

Happy Monday!  Where did the weekend go??  I can’t believe how fast they fly by.  We spent a relaxing weekend at home, which seems to be a rare occasion these days.

On Friday we checked out the house and went to dinner.  We have walls! Sort of.

house construction

Saturday was rainy and cold.  It definitely felt like fall though, which made us want to stay inside and be cozy!  I went to a morning hot yoga class, then ran to the grocery store to prepare for some serious baking.


I decided to get on the pumpkin EVERYTHING train and drink a Pumking while I made some pumpkin cookies.  These bad boys used 3 ingredients (1 box yellow cake mix, pumpkin pie spice to taste, 1 can pumpkin – bake 10 mins @ 350F).

pumpkin cookies

And I topped them with a cream cheese frosting:

pumpkin cookies

They taste like a delicious, addicting, pumpkin cinnamon roll.  And now I can’t stop thinking about eating another one…

While I was feeling drunk ambitious in the kitchen, I also made some chili for our Sunday tailgate.

tailgate chili

Sunday morning we were up and at ’em bright and early.  I took B to the puppy park to get some serious frisbee time in before we left for the game.


Followed by a breakfast of 2 eggs and a slice of toast. mmmmm.

eggs and toast

After a successful tailgate, we made our way into the game.

buffalo bills game

It’s pretty hard to believe, but I get in my 10,000 Fitbit steps on game days just from walking from the car to the stadium and back.

After we had witnessed enough of the beat down, we headed over to Chestnut Ridge park to check out some potential engagement photo shoot spots and ended up taking a beautiful hike to see the Eternal Flame.



pine forest


The Eternal Flame is a natural gas spring behind a waterfall that someone, somehow, realized could be lit to create a flame.  You can hike right up to the flame and check it out, it was a pretty incredible sight.

eternal flame

eternal flame

And that about sums up our weekend.  Now it’s time to get our Monday on!  Here’s to coffee, a quiet office, healthy choices, and starting the week off right.

Have a great day!


A Snowy Saturday… at the End of March

Good morning friends, I hope your weekend is going well!  Ours has been busy but relaxing at the same time.

Yesterday I was up bright and early driving Kris insane with my early bird sleep schedule (what else is new).  For breakfast I had a slice of Ezekial bread toasted, topped with the last of the Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter and a banana with coffeeeee.


I planned to try my first barre class, so when I went out to  my car I was surprised to find that it was buried in a late March snow (I know this shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but for some reason I still remain hopeful every morning that Spring is actually here).

I went to a place called buffaloBARRE for my first encounter.  The instructor was super friendly and the women in the class were all very welcoming.  I bought my first pair of barre sticky socks, grabbed a mat, some bands, and a few weights and before I knew it I was squating and plie-ing my little heart out.  The lighting was dim and the music was perfect for the setting.  It was almost relaxing (minus that pesky feeling that your leg muscles are on fire).  Let’s just say that today I am definitely feeling it.


For lunch I had leftover sushi from Friday night’s dinner, which for some reason I did not get a picture of.  I guess I just wanted to devour it more than I wanted to snap a picture.  Then we got to the unpacking/cleaning/organizing/fun stuff.

I would say it is a pretty big improvement from yesterday:


After I had enough of that for one day, I had a snack consisting of Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss cheese, tortilla chips, and a mango.  I absolutely love mangos.


Then when I went out to do some shopping I couldn’t resist these bad boys.  These were always the best jelly beans we got growing up.  Feeling a little hungry and a little homesick, there was really no resisting (darn it, Target).


Since it has been so cold and miserable here (and I can’t emphasize enough… it’s supposed to be Spring!!!), we decided to make a batch of chili and cornbread for dinner.

I used this cornbread recipe with only one modification – I used a little bit less than a cup of sugar. I couldn’t bring myself to add the entire amount… and no one even missed it!

And this chili recipe that I adapted back in the fall.  We added an extra chipotle chili this time though and my mouth was feeling the burn.


I topped the chili with sour cream, shredded cheddar, and a sprinkle of green onion.


And just incase you never heard of this fancy little hack… I always put my green onion in a glass of water after I buy it so that it will re-grow 😉


After a while it starts to thin out and I just toss it and start over, but it’s definitely nice to get a couple uses out of it.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!