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Half Marathon Training – Week 6

In keeping with my commitment to share the truths of my training and hold myself accountable, here is my latest training recap! 

You can find the others here: 

Half Marathon Training – Week 5
Half Marathon Training Plan + Mantra
Last week’s half marathon training was not exactly what I had planned out, but I did get in 5 days of cardio, so I’m calling it a win. I moved the prior week’s long run to Monday instead of a rest day and I ended up doing the same this week.  I would have liked to have made it to yoga, but I’ve never claimed to be perfect. 

Monday- 6 miles 

Tuesday- at home circuit & stairs

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- tempo run 3 cycles (3.82 miles)

Friday- rest

Saturday- rest

Sunday- 4 miles

Total miles – 16.82

I think Thursday’s tempo run might have been the most difficult. It consisted of 3 cycles of 10 minute runs followed by 2 minutes of jogging. The plan said I should have made it 4.1 miles by the time it was all said and done…

… There’s definitely some room for improvement. But overall I felt good. 

Sunday it was warm enough to run outside. I can’t wait for spring running! The outside run was supposed to be 7 miles, but it was cut a little short to allow for a hockey date. 

And I got to see my beloved Penguins deliver a healthy smackdown on the Buffalo Sabres. Totally worth it. 

9 weeks until the Pittsburgh Half! 

Are you training for any races? 


5 Things About the Weekend

Good morning!  This weekend was one of those rare weekends that everything just comes together.  My family took a trip up to the Great White North to visit us and although I failed at taking many quality pictures, I did capture a few things that made me happy about this weekend (besides sharing quality time with loved ones of course).

  1. House warming gifts in my favorite color.  I love green/blue/teal. And I love baking.  And I love Valentine’s day.  So these towels and dishes from my parents were a wonderful surprise housewarming gift.
  2. Furry family members coming along for the road trip
  3. Brunch! We tried a new-to-us restaurant on Sunday morning to celebrate my sister’s birthday and the food was incredible.  The restaurant was called Trattoria Aroma, and if you’re ever in the north towns of Buffalo it’s definitely worth the stop.


  4. Valentine’s Day cookies.  I made these sugar cookies and they are the BEST cookie recipe I think I have ever tasted.  I would argue that they give Eat n’ Park a run for their money.  And they’re easy to decorate with this royal icing recipe.img_4978
  5. Engagement picture canvases.  I found a Groupon and got an awesome deal on these canvases from canvasonsale.com.  They came in the mail on Saturday and I was so pumped to get them up.  (The canvases turned out awesome and the picture quality was great… but does anyone actually pay the full prices listed on that site??).img_4982

And on that note, I suppose it’s back to the grind.  Do we really have the Monday already?

Anything good happening over the weekend in your neck of the woods?

Is anyone else super into Valentine’s Day decorations?


The Pittsburgh Half Marathon & Some Exciting News

Good morning! I know I have been MIA lately, but I’m hoping things will start to get back to a normal pace now.  Over the past week I had a few exciting events take place!

First, the Pittsburgh half marathon was on Sunday.  I knew going into it that I was not at my best.  I struggled through an 8 mile run about 3 weeks ago, ran the Pirate’s 5k, and then pretty much stopped doing any physical activity until Sunday morning.  During my time off from breaking a sweat, I also managed to twist my knee in my sleep (I know, you can’t make this stuff up).  So as you might expect, my results were not exactly a PR.  I was actually just happy to finish.  Around mile 6 I was honestly contemplating throwing in the towel, but then I realized that as much pain as I was in I would regret quitting too much to give up.  So I toughened up, and put my mental grit to the test.


I was so proud (and relieved) to finish after 2 hours and 22 minutes of such a miserable run.  I was also feeling a little under the weather after I challenged my body to something that I was not prepared for.  In the midst of my struggle to feel like a normal human being again, I didn’t even snap any pictures.  I was actually pretty set on that being my last half marathon ever… but how quickly the body forgets pain.  After I got moving yesterday morning and got rid of my headache I was already starting to think about how I would train better for next year.  So we shall see! But for now, I’m still getting back to normal.

First, I will eat all of the food (until my stomach feels normal again), and then I will think about a good detox plan, a new workout regimen, and then future races.

As part of that plan, I treated myself to Chipotle for lunch yesterday and it really hit the spot.


But on another note, I am so extremely excited to share a large part of the reason I did not train properly… the house hunt in Buffalo has finally come to an end.  We signed the paperwork to build a home last Thursday!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.15.24 PM

I am so incredibly excited to begin this journey and to see our future home through every step of the way.  The planned completion is October, so we will have the summer to enjoy the pool in our apartment complex and day dream about all of the potential future home projects.

I hope your week is off to a great start!  It feels great to be back in the world of blogging.

A Few Things That are Making me Smile

Happy hump day, my friends!

Today was an odd day.  Nothing was exactly bad about it, but it felt long and exhausting and I was grateful for the little things that made me smile.  So I thought I would share them with you 🙂

1. Tomorrow is ‘Friday’

Thank goodness for the 3 day weekend, family time, and a chance to recoup.

2. This adorable new purchase that I found at TJ Maxx for $10


The colors and the saying spoke to me just perfectly.

3. This super healthy dinner


Kris knew I was having a rough day so he graciously poured me a glass of wine when I got home.  Then he cut up all of our Easter eggs for egg salad which I ate straight out of the bowl with a side of tortilla chips and french onion dip.  I’m not proud.  Although last night I had chips, french onion dip, and jelly beans for dinner.  So I think it’s safe to say that I’ve used up all of my “new job and life, stress eating” free passes.

4. Leftover chili and cornbread for lunch with the juiciest blackberries EVER


5. Wegman’s chocolate cherry trail mix


Caution: you will want to eat the whole bag in one sitting.

6. B snuggles


B always knows when I’ve had a rough day or when I’m feeling sad.  She sure knows how to press my buttons sometimes, but she always knows when I need some extra loving.  She also knows when I’m taking her picture and likes to attack the camera.  Luckily I snuck one in before the attack.  AND she ate both breakfast and dinner today!

7. Emails & texts from old coworkers/friends

I received some texts and emails this week from my old coworkers that made me smile.

8. This SNL Serial skit

If you have not listened to the Serial podcast, you need to stop what you’re doing and start listening.  And then you should probably plan to accomplish nothing for the next 8-10 hrs.  I have listened to the podcast series almost twice now, and I still can’t get enough.  It’s the best thing to happen to road trips since satellite radio  Yesterday Kris sent me the SNL skit based on the podcast and it was too good.  If you’ve listened, you have to see this:

I hope some of these things will make you smile today as well!

BBQ Salmon BLT Salad & Sore Legs

Hola! I hope everyone can share in the sentiment that comes with a short week… so let’s just call this Tuesday – Wednesday.

Yesterday was a busy Monday.  After I got done with work I came home to let the little Beester out and play a pretty intense round of ball while waiting for Kris to get home from work.


I bought a Pure Barre Groupon last week and I was looking forward to going to my first class today, but to be honest my legs were too freaking sore.  I went to buffaloBARRE on Saturday and having never done a barre workout before coupled with a few weeks of slacking – my legs could not deal.  We’re talking – sore to the touch, almost limping when I stand up – sore (embarrassing).

So instead we all went for a short run around the neighborhood.


Someone can’t handle being excluded…


B’s favorite place to be in the entire world is right between Kris and I.  You think I’m kidding… but she squeezes right between our legs if we even hug each other.

After the run I made a super yummy salmon salad.  I don’t think I’ve chosen a recipe yet from Iowa Girl Eats that we haven’t marveled over for the entire meal.  The recipe wasn’t overly difficult or time consuming either which was a major selling point.


After the dinner clean-up I made a cup of mint tea, watched some of the Voice, and hit the sheets!


Today on the agenda –

1. Work (happy closing to all of my fellow Accounting nerds out there)

2. 6 mile run.  I hope the weather is going to be nice today, I can’t handle another snowy, rainy day!  On a side note, I’m fairly convinced we are living in an arctic tunnel – holy crap that wind is cold.  Imagine a beach breeze… but in Alaska.  That’s what our neighborhood feels like.  I’m sure I will be appreciating this flat ground when summer rolls around, but right now it’s just painful.

Have a great Tuesday (basically Wednesday)!

A Snowy Saturday… at the End of March

Good morning friends, I hope your weekend is going well!  Ours has been busy but relaxing at the same time.

Yesterday I was up bright and early driving Kris insane with my early bird sleep schedule (what else is new).  For breakfast I had a slice of Ezekial bread toasted, topped with the last of the Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter and a banana with coffeeeee.


I planned to try my first barre class, so when I went out to  my car I was surprised to find that it was buried in a late March snow (I know this shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but for some reason I still remain hopeful every morning that Spring is actually here).

I went to a place called buffaloBARRE for my first encounter.  The instructor was super friendly and the women in the class were all very welcoming.  I bought my first pair of barre sticky socks, grabbed a mat, some bands, and a few weights and before I knew it I was squating and plie-ing my little heart out.  The lighting was dim and the music was perfect for the setting.  It was almost relaxing (minus that pesky feeling that your leg muscles are on fire).  Let’s just say that today I am definitely feeling it.


For lunch I had leftover sushi from Friday night’s dinner, which for some reason I did not get a picture of.  I guess I just wanted to devour it more than I wanted to snap a picture.  Then we got to the unpacking/cleaning/organizing/fun stuff.

I would say it is a pretty big improvement from yesterday:


After I had enough of that for one day, I had a snack consisting of Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss cheese, tortilla chips, and a mango.  I absolutely love mangos.


Then when I went out to do some shopping I couldn’t resist these bad boys.  These were always the best jelly beans we got growing up.  Feeling a little hungry and a little homesick, there was really no resisting (darn it, Target).


Since it has been so cold and miserable here (and I can’t emphasize enough… it’s supposed to be Spring!!!), we decided to make a batch of chili and cornbread for dinner.

I used this cornbread recipe with only one modification – I used a little bit less than a cup of sugar. I couldn’t bring myself to add the entire amount… and no one even missed it!

And this chili recipe that I adapted back in the fall.  We added an extra chipotle chili this time though and my mouth was feeling the burn.


I topped the chili with sour cream, shredded cheddar, and a sprinkle of green onion.


And just incase you never heard of this fancy little hack… I always put my green onion in a glass of water after I buy it so that it will re-grow 😉


After a while it starts to thin out and I just toss it and start over, but it’s definitely nice to get a couple uses out of it.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Week 1 in Buffalo

This week was nothing short of madness.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think the easiest way to share the madness is via some snapshots…

We ate lots of sugar cookies.  I finally finished icing a batch of Easter sugar cookies and I’m slowly polishing off the entire batch.  Not much thanks goes to Kris… sugar isn’t his thing so it leaves me and B with ALL of the sweets.


We celebrated small successes… like B partially ending her hunger strike. (partially.)  I’ve never met a dog that refuses to eat before, it’s so strange and stressful.


I woke up super early everyday to make time for a healthy breakfast.  We had some ripe avocados to use up so I started mashing avocado on toast and sprinkling salt and pepper on top…. it is heavenly.  I’m officially addicted.


We fried up some ground venison, mixed it with marinara sauce, and put it on top of spinach and roasted spaghetti squash.  It was delicious.  Mostly thanks to Wegman’s marinara sauce. (Side note – it would have been better if I would have cooked the spinach)


Lots of wine was drank.  Even though I am really enjoying the new gig, everyday is rough when you are just starting a new job.  So much to learn = so much wine needed.


Leftovers were packed for lunch:


Kind bars were consumed daily.


Why is it so hard to control food intake and know what “normal” feels like when you are in the midst of a transition?  I have been so hungry and so exhausted when I get home.  Hopefully this weekend I can get a jump start on getting back on track.  But when your entire house looks like some variation of this:


It’s hard to be hopeful that the weekend will consist of anything but organizing and unpacking.  Tonight we are going out to dinner for some sushi and quality time.  Have a great weekend!

Today I Started a New Job…and Ate All the Pizza

To begin this Monday, I think it’s only right that I share some weekend events from our first few nights in Buffalo…


Saturday we packed all of the things we could fit into 2 cars and hit the road.  By the time we got to our apartment and unpacked we were exhausted.  So we ordered a pizza and ended the night watching some House of Cards… on our fancy new tv stand:


(yes, I have a stuffed animal German Shorthair Pointer, and yes it was important enough that it didn’t get left for the movers. it’s totally normal)

Sunday I woke up nice and early and discovered that Spring in Buffalo means snow showers…


Breakfast consisted of coffee with an asiago bagel that I found when I was cleaning out the freezer (it was delicious)


The rest of the morning was spent running errands, which is when I discovered my new found love for Wegman’s.  Kris tried to tell me multiple times how much I would like Wegmans, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit anything was better than my beloved Market District in PA.  This is just one of the many selling points… a Trail Mix Bar.  yeah.  it’s real.


We spent the rest of the day getting everything in order and had lunch at Kris’ parent’s house and dinner at his aunt and uncles (we really didn’t have to do too much to fend for ourselves).

Today began bright and early so that I wouldn’t be late on my first day of work.  So naturally, I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  I heard one of the radio talk shows say that it was a balmy -6 degrees with the windchill.  Spring has officially sprung.


On the bright side, my first day went smoothly, everyone was super nice to me, and I even got pizza for lunch.  We went to a delicious pizza place and I got the mozzarella and arugula.  So good.


On the way home I just barely made it to a gas station


I swear I’m a mature, responsible adult.  Wouldn’t that have been a story for a first day on the job.

Anyways, I made it home planning to do a workout… but then the leftover lunch pizza and wine were calling my name.


Besides, who doesn’t indulge a little on first days?

Time to play with the Beester and relax.  I hope you had a great Monday!

Moving Day – The Closing of a Chapter

I know I have been terrible with posting this week but life has just been so darn hectic.  Tomorrow we are officially making the move to Buffalo, NY!  These past 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind and working out and planning meals has been nearly impossible.  I’m hoping to regain some sense of routine and normalcy next week.

But in the meantime, here is an update of the past week (or two)…

Lots of lunches, wine, and emotional goodbyes

My last day of work was Wednesday and it was very difficult for me to say goodbye to my coworkers who have become my good friends and pack up my desk.  I am a person of routine and any big life changes are usually very difficult for me.  The good thing is I have been so busy that I haven’t had too much time to panic about it.  The bad thing is I am really going to miss my job and my friends and I’m afraid I will be having some serious homesickness.  My coworkers sent me off the right way though with lunches just about every day, an awesome happy hour, a myriad of thoughtful gifts, and even a homemade cake!


It’s always so sad to start a new life chapter, but so wonderful to know that you have cultivated friendships that won’t end when a new chapter begins.

A few attempts at training for the half marathon

I hit the road one measly time so far this week for around 3 miles.  Yikes.


But it was a beautiful day to get out with the B-ster.  Too bad I woke up this morning to more snow (I guess I should get used to it, huh?).


More phone calls than I’ve made in my entire life

Moving your entire life, leaving a job, preparing for a new job, finding a place to live, and selling your house are no simple tasks.  I think I have made more phone calls and done more paperwork this week than I have in my whole life.  Thank goodness for Kris; I don’t know how people do all of this by themselves.

Packing, cleaning, planning, panicking

Tomorrow Kris and I are moving our necessities to the new apartment and the moving company will bring the rest next week.  Even though I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still so much to do!  Every once in a while I find myself getting to the point of overwhelmed-ness that I just feel paralyzed.  But luckily I’ve been able to snap out of it and keep moving.  I’m looking forward to being settled and getting back to my routine.  The half marathon is only 6 weeks away!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Garth Brooks, Niagara Falls & A New Adventure

Happy Monday, friends!  I know it’s a little late and I haven’t had a post in a while but it’s been a busy weekend! First of all, the little B-ster seems to be feeling much better, which is a huge relief!  The sun is out, it’s not going to get dark until later in the evening, The Bachelor season finale is on tonight, and we’ve hit 50 degrees in Pittsburgh.  Thank goodness.

This weekend was a busy one in Buffalo filled with lots of running around and the Garth Brooks concert on Saturday night at 10:30pm.  Holy crap.  I am not a night person.  Never have been, never will be… I guess I am just an old soul because the mornings are my prime time.  But I did manage to stay awake for the concert and it was really great!  Not being a die-hard GB fan, I figured I might know a decent number of songs from the radio but it turns out I knew just about all of them.  You know you’ve made the big time when you can perform a whole concert based solely on radio hits.


On a side note, Thursday night I took the plunge and chopped off about 6-8 inches of my hair.  It was super scary, but I was ready for a change.  I have the thinnest hair in the world, so it’s nice that now it doesn’t feel so scraggly.  (My hair is so thin that my braid was embarrassing…. think Smigel from Lord of the Rings.)

Exhibit A: throwback to the tough mudder and the thinnest braid ever. (can you tell why the braid was such a rare occasion?)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.54.03 PM

Anyway, it still feels really weird when I pull it into a ponytail but I have zero regrets. 🙂

Sunday we took a trip to Niagara Falls to see everything frozen over.  It was very cool, but it was also very hazardous.  All of the mist practically created an ice skating rink on the trail that is already extra scary because the snow has accumulated so much that the guard rails are only about 2 feet off the ground.  I felt like I was in Ice Age.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.37.18 PM

I am so terrible with taking pictures.  I didn’t even snap one measly shot of one of the Seven Natural Wonders.

But it turns out I will be getting many more opportunities because as of March 23rd, I will be residing in the Great White North.  I don’t know if there is anything more terrifying than putting in your two weeks notice (ok, that may be slightly dramatic).  But in all honesty, I really like my job in Pittsburgh and I’ve been with the same company since college so it was really difficult for me to take the leap.  It’s no secret that I am a very routine person, so this has been a very challenging process.  I have been feeling much better about it though since I got it all out in the open.  I hate keeping big secrets.  I’m pretty nervous to leave my life in Pittsburgh, but I’m excited to see what this new adventure brings!