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Halloween Weekend + November Goals

Good morning!  Here we are at the start of another week and we are officially kicking off November.  I can’t believe how fast time is flying!

But first, this weekend was a really great one.  It was one of those rare and special times where everything just seems to come together and everyone in the family is miraculously available.

I loaded up the B dog for a road trip and headed down to my parents on Saturday.

b dog roadtrip

I love spending Halloween with my parents, sitting on the porch with the pups and handing out candy.  I have spent many-a Halloweens at my parents house, and even my sister was able to join this year.

sister time

The pups were all decked out in their Halloween best:

little monsters

Although, we didn’t get to attend any Halloween parties this year, here is a flashback from last year’s Anchorman outfits:

anchorman halloween

On Sunday we were able to round up my brother and we all went to brunch at Bravo.  I didn’t even know they had brunch there, but I got the veggie omelet and it was dee-lish! 

bravo brunch

After brunch we headed over to the shooting range for some quality family bonding time.

shooting range

shooting range

shooting range

Now onto November!  I needed some motivation to keep running outside now that the weather is getting cold.  Kris and I signed up to run the Turkey Trot this year, but that won’t be enough to keep me motivated.  That’s when I found Monica’s Pile on the Miles Challenge 2015.  So I jumped at the chance to have a little motivation in my run game.  I set my goal for the month at 81 miles.  Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it?  It certainly won’t be easy, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Yesterday I kicked off the month with a 5 mile run:

fall running

5 miles down, 76 to go.

What are your November fitness goals?


Painting with a Twist

Yesterday afternoon we decided to partake in the painting and drinking craze.  A few months ago I decided to  run the Pittsburgh marathon for the Animal Rescue League and one of the fundraisers was a painting class at Painting with a Twist.  For $45 per person we had 3 hours of painting/drinking/entertainment and $33 of that went to the Animal Rescue League.  Altogether the event raised $3,500 for the ARL.  Not too shabby.


The picture that we painted was a picture of Pittsburgh, and it was not exactly a beginner level painting so we were a little nervous.  Luckily our instructor talked us through it and they turned out pretty well!

We started out with a blank canvas with an outline penciled in so that we could all begin our painting with the right proportions:


Then we painted the sky, the water, and the darker land area.  After this we listened to music and drank a beer while the paint dried.


After the background was mostly dried we painted the buildings:


Then added the highways and the Point Park fountain:


After we let that dry a little, we added all of the dots. (there were a lot).  It looks much more impressive the farther back you are standing.  But I was pretty proud of our masterpieces!


This morning started out with a hot mug of lemon water, a lemon raspberry muffin, and a fried egg.


Kris is off today for the holiday so I took a vacation day. 🙂  It’s going to be a good Monday!

Running for a Reason

I have participated in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon for the past two years.  So I am certainly not a seasoned veteran… but I guess you could say I’ve been around the block. The first year I ran I was not prepared like I should have been and ended up with a minor knee injury that could have been much, much worse. But it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I can’t compare my first half marathon to any other experience thus far in my life, and if you are thinking about running one I highly encourage you to do it! I really expected to feel the same rush and overwhelming sense of accomplishment the second time I ran the course, and while I felt great and even improved my time, there was nothing quite like that first run.

When I ran my first half marathon I was pretty sure I would do it once to check it off the old bucket list and move on!  It’s a big commitment, and sometimes it just. plain. hurts.  But here I am, going on the third consecutive year that I’ve signed up to run, and for some reason I love it (runner’s high??).

This year I did something a little different though.  I noticed that if you scroll to the bottom of the Pittsburgh marathon website, there is a charities section called “Run for a Reason”. I didn’t know anyone who has signed up to run for a charity before, but being an animal lover I decided to go on a limb and sign up to run for the Animal Rescue League.  Although the guidelines were a little unclear, I figured the amount I needed to fundraise couldn’t be that much more than the entry fee… so if I had to choose between paying to register or donating that same amount of money to help a good cause… seems like a no brainer, right?

My favorite running buddy has fur (and the cutest little flippy ear ever!!)

So far it hasn’t been too demanding.  There are lots of opportunities to fundraise for the cause (gift wrapping at the mall, a painting with a twist night, and various vendors who will partner with the Animal Rescue League to aid in their funding).  I participated in one event, and it was so, so simple.  I got my friend’s and family’s goodwill donations and drove them to the Animal Rescue League to donate, and $250 toward my fundraiser later I’m feeling a lot less nervous about meeting my goal!

I plan to write a full review of my experience running for a reason.  If you are interested in donating to the cause you can visit the fundraising site, or you can sign up to run for your own reason!  There are tons of other charities that participate in this event, and if you run for a reason your registration is free!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my training plan when I have it finalized!