I started running a couple years ago as an outlet to work through some tough, confusing times (my girl Taylor Swift understands… I’ve been very fortunate that this is what I would consider a “tough time”). I would hit the sidewalk and end up running and walking 5 – 6 miles a day.  Slowly I began running the entire length, and then increasing my mileage which led up to multiple 5k’s and eventually a half marathon.

The key to my love for running was (and still is) that it’s my “me time”. I go out, crank up some good music, and take all of my lingering frustrations out on the pavement. Although a new playlist or some new gear are also great motivators to get out there and just do it. 🙂

I ran my second half marathon this past year and I really tried to put in the time and train the right way. I started by hitting the dreadmill in January and eventually took my runs outside in March. Since then I have lost nearly 15 lbs and 2 pant sizes (it’s still hard to believe).  I wouldn’t call my former self fat, but let’s just say I feel a heck of a lot better at my current size. So this is my journey to maintain and continuously improve (if you’re not treading, you’re drowning, right?) and I invite you to come along!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.33.04 AM

Although my reason for running may be different everyday, I still really enjoy it just the same.  The key to happy running for me is 1. having something to work toward (a next race), and 2. not putting too much pressure on myself.  Sure, there’s nothing more rewarding than meeting a goal time or beating my last PR.  But running is a hobby something I enjoy for myself, and keeping that in perspective always makes it much more enjoyable.


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