The Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Happy Monday!! Hopefully it’s a smooth day for everyone that’s back to the grind. Before we know it we’ll be back at home in our yoga pants recovering.

I wanted to recap the Pittsburgh Half Marathon from May, because even though it’s 4 months late, I was sharing some of my training in the early weeks and I happened to (unexpectedly) hit a new PR!

But seriously, I’m pretty convinced that it was like 20% training, 30% having a margarita and a huge dinner the night before, and 50% sheer luck.

This was the 4th year that I ran the Pittsburgh Half, and although I couldn’t break the 2 hour hurdle, I came across the finish line at a cool 2:07.

This is the second year that I ran as a charity runner for the Animal Rescue League. It always makes me feel good to help the animals, especially if I’m going to be running anyway.  Also – check out that cat bag.

I also totally forgot about my choice of bib wording until I picked up my packet. Is it possible to prank your future self?

I tried my best to stick with the pacers but I was totally burnt out by the last hill. I ended up walking and although I know deep down I had nothing in the tank, I still always wonder if I could have made up for those pesky 7 minutes past the 2 hour mark. Gets me every time.

Kris was there to support me (after a minor wreck on his bicycle… Who knew spectating was so dangerous?? Luckily he’s making a full recovery.) along with my parents. And my mom cut those gorgeous tulips out of her garden.

All in all it was a good year. Although I have to be honest… I still haven’t signed up for another one. I have been doing some shorter distances and it’s kept me feeling pretty content, so I’m not sure if I want to change that. I still like to think I’ll chase down that sub 2 hour time someday, but for now it feels nice to just enjoy the leisure running.


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