Meals, Deals, and an Early Spring

This week I was a little late to the meal planning party. I normally try to plan on weekends but sometimes with our busy schedules (and my current Shameless addiction) that’s just not an option.   

So things were a little delayed this week, but luckily we had some leftovers to get us through Monday.

My sister got me The Skinnytaste Cookbook for Christmas and I have to say I’ve been loving it. I was a little nervous at first that the ingredients would be super expensive because the recipes looked so fancy, but that was not the case at all. 

In the lineup for this week: 

Monday – leftover skinny enchiladas (from the cookbook)

Tuesday – Cheeseburger Casserole


Wednesday – Grilled romaine steak salads with roasted baby potatoes and blue cheese/balsamic vinegar (and obviously a side of wine)

Thursday – Bangin’ Good Shrimp (skinnytaste cookbook) 

Friday – frozen pizza

On a side note, I totally jumped on board with the Victoria’s Secret swim suit deals this year. They still have some going on right now that are ending soon. 

Code SPRING2015 – $15 off $100, $25 off $150, $50 off $250

Code DIVEIN – free shipping and returns on swimwear (ends Friday)

Bras – any 2 / $49.50

Yoga pants & Leggings – 2 / $65

FYI – I’m sure if you’ve purchased anything recently you know, but I’ve noticed that the offers/coupon code step of the payment process always gets skipped over by default and I have to go back and add each coupon code. The free shipping and returns are not automatically applied. Do not fall victim to the trickery! 

And Punxatony Phil predicted an early spring?! I never thought that little fur ball would come through for us, but hopefully he is right!  


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