The Many Faces of a (Sassy) German Shorthaired Pointer

Sometimes I find myself scrolling through my phone and looking at all of the ridiculous pictures I have of B, so I figured today I would share some of the cute/crazy/ridiculousness.  She sure has a lot of sass personality.  If you have a GSP, I’m sure you can relate to many of these.

  1. Lazy B (so sleepy) That little lion is actually her very first toy.  It amazes me that he is still in existence.

german shorthaired pointer

2. Gangsta B (Don’t mind the mess in the background.  I was packing for vacation, which appears to have been a challenging process for me)

german shorthaired pointer

3. Sassy B – “Please get this Lion off of me”

german shorthaired pointer

4. Bacon!

bacon german shorthaired pointer

5. “I accidentally ate my lips”

frisbee german shorthaired pointer

7. “Look how tiny I can be in this ball”

german shorthaired pointer

8. The Greenie face (pure concentration)

greenie face

9. ‘I’m listening…go on”

german shorthaired pointer

10. ‘If I have perfect posture will you please get these stupid things off my feet??”

german shorthaired pointer

11.  “I could run for days”

reman shorthaired pointer

They sure are a handful, but there is nothing quite like them.


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