London – Day 1

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone!  After a full Sunday of traveling, I am exhausted.  I headed out for the London airport early yesterday morning where I caught my flight to Toronto, and finally made it back home to New York around 8pm.  Here’s the beginning of the recap of our trip.  We got to see a lot of incredible sights. The pictures don’t even do them justice, but they’re still pretty cool.

Here’s a recap of our first day in London:

We originally bought bus passes for the weekend, but we ended up walking most of the time.  Many of the walking areas were gorgeous and one of the first things on our list was to see Buckingham Palace.

london sidewalk

london parks

And it did not disappoint!

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

It was so crazy how many visitors were at the palace at all times.  It was constantly swarming with people taking pictures and looking through the gates.

buckingham palace

After we walked around Buckingham Palace, we decided to walk through St James Park.  The park was absolutely gorgeous and it is filled with different kinds of ducks, birds, and geese.

duck st james park

After we walked through the park we checked out some of the other areas in search of a pub to get some food.

downtown london

kings arm menu

We found a great pub with good beer and ordered some appetizers to share that included some traditional fish n’ chips (of course).

fish n chips

After dinner we headed back to the hotel before we did a Jack the Ripper tour. The tour was pretty neat, but we were exhausted by the end.  Our guide told the story of Jack the Ripper and led us around to different spots in London where the famous serial killer had struck.

london tower

jack the ripper

The buildings and the architecture all around London were beautiful and overwhelming.  It’s such a neat feeling to be in a place that holds so much history.  We packed a lot of sight seeing in our short 3 day trip; I will be sure to share the rest soon!


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