Random Thoughts I Have While Running

I was originally going to do another ‘What I ate Wednesday’ today, but that quickly went out the door when I forgot to take pictures of every single thing I ate yesterday.  So here’s the quick version:

Breakfast – 1 slice whole grain bread with lots of Trader Joe’s raw almond butter, pumpkin coffee (from Target)

pumpkin coffee

Lunch – pita chips with beet hummus & a spinach salad w/ olive oil & balsamic

Snack –  1 cup of green tea, followed by a pumpkin yogurt ( maybe it’s just me but I was not a fan of Trader Joe’s pumpkin yogurt, good thing I bought 3 of them)

Hot yoga power hour

Dinner – Out to eat – BBQ Grilled Chicken Wrap w/ sweet potato fries and a Pumking

Now that we got that out of the way, when I was running on Monday evening I found this little guy huge scary monster on the sidewalk:

sidewalk snake

Which someone so graciously put a few pieces of mulch around as a ‘warning’.  And then I started thinking… what other strange things have I seen or thought while I was running?

  1. What color would I dye my hair if I was on the run?
  2. Do you think anyone would recognize me? (Who am I, Gone Girl??? watch out, Kris)
  3. If we had to go into hiding in the woods, would B cooperate without a leash?
  4. If this was a zombie apocalypse, could I run any faster than this?
  5. No, I would probably give up and die.
  6. One time when I was running on a trail, someone in a black hoodie crawled out of the woods and I thought it was a bear.  And then I was just terrified of the creepy person that just crawled out of the woods in the middle of nowhere.

runners meme

So there you have it, a brief glimpse into my sick runner’s mind to start your Wednesday.  Thanks for reading, and have a good one!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts I Have While Running

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m dying at all of your thoughts… I love that they mostly have to do with going into hiding 😉 I tend to get random blogging ideas while running but then conveniently forget them by the time I’m home.


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