How We Chose a Wedding Photographer

When we began our wedding planning, we made a list of things that we felt needed to be priorities.  Our first decision was the time of year, followed shortly by a range of dates that could work for us.  After that we started making lots of inquiries and touring a few of the venues that came in at our price range.

After the date was set and the venue was booked (yay!), we went back and forth about a photographer.  Well… I went back and forth about a photographer.  I couldn’t decide how important it was.  I came into the process thinking that most people only really have a few wedding photos that they really love and those are the ones that get framed.  The rest just sit in a box somewhere or never get printed to begin with.  I felt the same way about engagement pictures.  It’s really cute when people send save the dates with engagement photos, but I think my friends will forgive me for not sending them a magnet with our faces on it to display for 9 months on their fridge.

Then I started talking to friends and family and a few of them pointed out that the wedding photos are really the only tangible thing you walk away with after the wedding is all said and done (hopefully Kris will still be around too).  And that’s when I started looking at photographers in the next price range and realized what all the fuss was about.

sports engagement photo rachel tokarski

For me it was really difficult to look at different photographers’ work and have a vision of how I would fit into the mix.  I’m just not a person with a natural “vision” when it comes to these things. But there were a few photographers that I liked what I saw.  Most photographers have blogs and websites and lots of ways that make it easy to display their work.

fall engagement photo rachel tokarski

Since we live in Buffalo and the photographers we were checking out were in Pittsburgh, we set up a few Skype sessions to meet the ones we were most interested in (and fit into our new price range).  After a few interviews and some deliberation we decided to choose Rachel Tokarski and just judging from our engagement session preview, we are very happy with our choice! Rachel and her mom made the trip up to New York to shoot our engagement photos and were super fun to work with.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results and to having her around on our big day!

rachel tokarski fall engagement

I will be sure to share more about outfit choices, makeup decisions, and locations in the near future!

All photos in this post were taken by Rachel Tokarski Photography and all opinions are my own.  There are no affiliate links, just one happy customer!


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