Sriracha & Roasted Garlic Drumsticks

Good morning, everyone!  We’re finally on the good side of the work week and I have an awesome recipe to share 🙂

The secret ingredients for this one are all in the prep…


OK, but seriously… it takes a little time to roast the chicken, but the work is very minimal so multi-task away!

Step 1: Follow this super simple drumstick recipe to bake the chicken

Step 2: Temporarily disable your smoke detectors if they were installed too close to your kitchen…

smoke detector

(There was a lot of pain and suffering before we discovered this very scientific approach.)

Step 3: Prepare a side salad from a bag

BBQ Ranch salad

BBQ Ranch side salad

Step 4: Pair with Trader Joe’s Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ (this is also great on the side salad).

drum sticks

Step 5: Take leftovers to work for lunch on a salad


On a side note, I’m totally excited about this Target $3 bin find:

days of the week dry erase

Have a great day!


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