Wedding Planning for Dummy

If you’re wondering who the ‘Dummy’ is, it’s me.  I have to admit that I am not one of those girls who has been planning and dreaming of their wedding day since I was little.  Until I met Kris a few years ago, I wasn’t sure that I would even ever have a wedding.  I mean sure, who doesn’t hope to find Mr. Right, but after a while it’s difficult not to get discouraged.

BUT, lucky for me, Mr. Right finally made his way into my life and there I was, completely ecstatic about being engaged to Kris, and completely clueless with what to do next. 

marriage meme

So here’s how we sorted through the beginning of the process:

I knew I wanted to have a fall wedding. I love the leaves and the crisp air and the pumpkin everything. So silly me, I assumed I was ahead of the game with about 15 months until my estimated wedding date… Well I was wrong. You can imagine my surprise when I made a few inquiries and found out every Saturday in 2016 until November was already booked at many venues. So I knew I had to move quickly to reserve my date.

The first thing we did was each make a rough list of guests that we wanted to invite.

After that we tried to determine what our budget was. We knew we didn’t want to go into debt over our wedding day.  So we started by reaching out to our families and then came up with an amount we thought we could save ourselves between now and the big day to come up with a final budget.

wedding money meme

Then we came up with a number we believe we can get our guest list down to that fits within the budget and started making inquiries at different venues.  And just as a side note, The Knot has completely revolutionized making inquiries. All the information you need is just a few clicks away and the vendors will email you their information. Gotta love technology.

For each venue I entered the costs into a spreadsheet and tried to capture every possible expense down to the darn postage.

After narrowing down our price, guest list, and style of wedding, we went to look at a few of the venues that fit the bill and I can officially say we have booked a date!

open bar wedding meme

Next up, finding a photographer.  Stay tuned kids!


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