How to Make your Weeknights Easier

Happy hump day!  We’re moving right along this week!  I tried a little bit of a different approach to meals for the week and so far it’s making my weeknights a thousand times better.  Yesterday I shared with you my mason jar chicken salads that I prepped for lunches for the week.  All I have had to do in the mornings is brew some coffee (every other day, anyway… I usually brew a pot and put the leftovers in the fridge to make iced coffee every other morning), throw my bread in the toaster for my breakfast, and grab a mason jar chicken salad out of the fridge.

breakfast sunflower butter

mason jar salad

Along with the chicken salads, I also made a cheeseburger casserole so all I have had to do after work was scoop some into a bowl, pop it in the microwave, and enjoy!  I like to add the pickles and a little extra ketchup and mustard to mine to make it really taste like a cheeseburger.  I also used whole grain pasta, and it turned out super filling and delicious.

cheeseburger casserole


While I was working hard in the kitchen, I got really ambitious and made some chocolate chip cookies too.  A while ago my friend had given me this recipe along with instructions to replace the butter in the recipe with 1 stick of butter and 1/2 of a brick of cream cheese.  They are delicious.  If you’re looking for a little evening pick-me-up I would highly recommend them.

With meals for the day ready to go I had time to hit a hot yoga class after work, come home and eat, and spend the rest of the evening relaxing!


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