Lunch for the Week: Mason Jar Chicken Salads

On Sunday I decided to try an experiment for lunches this week.  I have seen a few articles online about putting salads in mason jars.  Not only does it look delicious, but it keeps your dressing on the bottom and lettuce on the top so that it doesn’t get soggy by the end of the week.  It’s also a major selling point that Ball mason jars are around $10 for a 9-12 jar pack and are made of glass.  I made traditional chicken salads for mine, but there are tons of different options out there.  This Buzzfeed article lists 18 different types of salads with links to the recipes.

Mason Jar Chicken Salads

Mason Jar Chicken Salads

Makes 8 mason jar salads.  Cut ingredients in half if cooking for one.


– yogurt bleu cheese dressing

– balsamic vinegar

– 6 baby cucumbers, sliced

– 1 package sliced baby bella mushrooms

– 3 bell peppers, diced

– 2 lbs of cooked chicken breast (I used chipotle pepper seasoning on mine)

– 1 bag baby spinach


1. Chop and cook chicken as desired.

2. Layer the ingredients in order of the list above (first to last) so that the dressing is on the bottom.

3. Stock the fridge, grab on your way out the door, and enjoy!

I enjoyed mine with a side of fruit and a few pieces of dark chocolate.


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