Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Happy hump day, my friends! At the beginning of last week I completely forgot my water bottle that I usually bring to work.  I was trying to think of a pop machine that I could get a bottle of water when I realized I had a cup with a straw in my office that I had received on my first week of work.  Little did I know this one little mishap was going to lead to a revelation.

After I washed that baby out and filled it with water, I found I was sucking down water faster than I could keep up with running to the water cooler.  That’s when it dawned on me… the straw.  I know for many people this isn’t knew knowledge, but for me it was one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments when I realized something that should have been clear as day.  The straw was enabling me to drink more water at a quicker pace than I did with any water bottle.

So then I got to thinking… what other tips can you use to trick yourself into drinking more water throughout the day?

1. Use a straw

I now know why all of those water bottles with straws are such a fad.  They actually do work and serve a legitimate purpose besides just looking trendy and cool.  I go through about 5 of these throughout the work day since the transition.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.47.29 PM

2. Drink carbonated water in place of other beverages

I have recently come to love carbonated water.  I have tried a few of the La Croix and Wegman’s flavors and I can’t say there has been one that I didn’t love.  Even just plain, it is a great way to spice things up.  And the added carbonation helps you feel a little fuller.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.50.09 PM

3. Use frozen fruit as ice cubes

If you’re struggling with getting plain old water down and you need a little natural sweetness, this is a great way to add it without all the extra ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

4. Add a lemon

If you’re wondering about all of the health benefits of lemon, check out this post from January with an abundance of lemon knowledge.  Lemons are great for you in so many different ways, the only thing you may want to consider is using that straw, because it’s rough on the enamel of your teeth.

5. Don’t begin your next meal until you finish your current glass of water

I’m not really sure at what point I started getting myself into the habit of doing this but it seems to be effective.  Whether you have 1 glass of water or 3 glasses of water between meals, do not begin eating that next meal until you have finished the glass of water you are working on.  Not only does this up your water intake, but it also helps to eliminate that feeling of super starvation that leads to overeating.

What tricks do you use to drink more water?


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