Pure Barre + Steak Salads

Happy hump day!!  I hope your week is going well, we are inching closer to Friday (thank goodness!).

Monday evening I went to my second Pure Barre class and holy crap, I am still feeling the burn.  I really enjoyed the class, even though I was shaking like a leaf the whole time.  The instructor was super nice and on my first day she told me that if I stick with it for at least 3 days a week over the next month (the length of my Groupon) I will start to see some changes… so stay tuned.

While I was at the barre class, Kris was in charge of dinner… and he nailed it.  He grilled up a steak, roasted some baby red potatoes, and sliced some veggies for a delicious steak salad.


The dressing was a drizzle of this yogurt blue cheese and balsamic vinegar (such a great combination):


Yesterday was super busy and I didn’t make my 6 mile run.  I’m struggling with adjusting to my new routine (and the still colder weather) and it’s really hindering my half marathon training.  Since I was feeling disappointed in myself, I made it a point to get all of my other items completed from my to-do list.  So I wouldn’t call it a complete bust.  Just getting random paperwork, bills, and taxes out of the way really relieves the stress that overwhelms me sometimes.

Breakfast this morning was the usual:


Last night for dinner we roasted another chicken from Wegman’s and some asparagus.  I used the leftovers to construct a chicken salad for lunch today.  In the salad: kale, baby spinach, chicken, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mustard as dressing:


With a side of strawberries and a mint-lime carbonated water, and 2 pieces of Bliss dark chocolate.

Afternoon snack is a cup of tea and the usual Chobani yogurt:


Have a great day!


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