A Weekend of Fun & Back to the Madness

Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a great start.  We had a fairly unproductive weekend and it felt great.  We finally found an apartment on Saturday, so I won’t have to be homeless when I start my new job in the Great White North next Monday!  But other than that we took some time to relax and celebrate any Irish roots that we might have.

Friday night Kris came home from Buffalo, we ordered a pizza, and I passed out (per usual).  Saturday I woke up bright and early to go for a run, but it was a bust.  It was cold and wet and I was not running at my best, but I guess a bad run is better than no run.  Around noon we went downtown for some Pittsburgh St. Patty’s day festivities with friends:


It was a long day of green beer but we had a great time.  We got to meet up with a decent number of friends including my brother as we made our way around The Burgh throughout the day.

Yesterday there was a fair amount of laying around and recovering.  I baked some sugar cookies (that I have yet to ice) and we grilled some jalapeño cheddar chicken burgers for dinner with avocado and watermelon:


OK – I didn’t eat that whole bowl of watermelon in one sitting (close though).  There is plenty to make a few watermelon salads this week.  I am on a mission to have a bare fridge by Saturday so that we have less to pack.  We shall see how it goes!

It is supposed to be a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh and I’m hoping to get in a nice long run with the B-ster and a visit to my parent’s house.  Have a great day!


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