Finance Friday – Optimize your Credit Card Rewards

Happy Friday! With another weekend on the horizon, I’m looking forward to spending some time in the ‘burgh, helping my sister move, and catching up on The Blacklist.  But first, it’s time for another Finance Friday post:

#4 – Optimize your Credit Card Rewards

I think it’s safe to say that most people have at least one credit card, and others are deathly afraid of credit card debt.  However, if you can play the system correctly and exercise self control, there is a lot to be gained by swiping that plastic.  Many credit card companies offer various rewards for spending with them.  Whether it’s an airline, a favorite place to shop, or just cash that you are after, there is a card for everyone.

Here are a few with rewards that are worth looking into in 2015:

Citi Double Cash Card – this credit card gives you 1% cashback for every dollar you spend AND 1% again for every dollar you pay.  Now that’s hard to beat.

Discover it – 1% cashback on all purchases plus an additional 5% cashback on the quarterly deal (Jan-Mar 2015 – 5% cashback for gas and ground transportation)

Chase Freedom – 5% cashback on the quarterly deals listed (Jan-Mar 2015 – 5% cashback at grocery stores)

And if you want to search all of your options (airlines, hotels, department stores), the nerd wallet site will help you search for the exact card to fit your lifestyle and interests:

Now for the daily line-up:

Workout: I made it to the 5:45am spinning class this morning!

Breakfast: a panera bagel with cream cheese and some raspberries

Lunch: kale chicken rice bowl with 2 clementines and grapefruit carbonated water


I have to admit that yesterday my day went a little differently than planned (in a good way) and I ended up eating a Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom and a Shamrock Shake for lunch, so I will be eating yesterday’s lunch today.


Snacks: Chobani yogurt with steel cut oats


Dinner:  TBD

Have a great weekend!


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