The Puppy Snuggle Vortex

Do you ever have days that the alarm goes off, you actually don’t feel terrible about waking up, and then you see the snuggliest little puppy sleeping next to you… and just like that all you want to do is curl up with your pup and stay in bed forever?

Or how about during the day?  You’re knocking out household chores when suddenly you see your sleepy, furry, little friend curled up in a ball on the couch and before you know it you have abandoned all tasks to take a nap?

This, my friends, is what I like to call the Puppy Snuggle Vortex.  And I am a victim.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.40.01 AM

I got out of bed this morning, miraculously, just to end up sitting on the couch with the B dog, watching the news, and struggling to get moving once again.  The struggle is real.

How am I supposed to get anything done on the weekends when this is what I’m working with:


And now I’m going to use all of my willpower to get off the couch, make some breakfast, and get ready for work (hopefully).

Today on the agenda: out to eat for lunch with a few friends (TBD), wing night!, and hopefully a 4 mile run on the dreadmill to offset all this eating.  I was feeling a little proud of my run on Tuesday.  I increased my mileage and decreased my time since my run last wednesday:



I kind of let my workouts fall through the cracks last week, so I’m making an extra effort to get back on track.  Now if only this ridiculously cold weather would break so I could bring myself to do a long run!

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “The Puppy Snuggle Vortex

  1. nice! back in the day i was doing 7.5 minute miles – not the fastest in the ‘hood, but not all that shabby either i guess. those running days are over. need something low impact – familiar with bow-flex’s tread-climber? looks like quite an effective workout machine. my trouble with machines of any type is focus – and dealing with the monotony. i really would prefer being outside but then i have to contend with hard, uneven surfaces, and the heat and humidity in my area. what’s an older person to do?!?!


  2. Oh, yes, I’ve often been a victim of the puppy-snuggle-vortex. It’s hard to resist her big brown eyes looking adoringly and pleadingly at me saying, “Please, Mommy, it’s so nice and warm with you here.” She knows to turn this on full blast the busier my day is.


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