Life’s Short, Drink the Wine

About a month ago I came to the realization that I was not going to earn any free flights with my airline rewards points by the time they expired, but as a consolation prize the airline allowed me to choose from a variety of magazine subscriptions with my points. (I’d much rather be planning a trip to the beach, but what can you do.)  As I was reading through my brand new Health magazine this weekend I stumbled onto an article call “Steep This to Skip Cancer”.

As an avid tea drinker, I was immediately interested in this article.  It was based on a study of women who drank black tea daily vs. women who did not, and the correlation between the tea drinkers and ovarian cancer risk.  According to the article, studies showed a 31% decrease in risk for the tea drinkers.  I’ve heard all about flavonoids and antioxidants, but this just further validates my tea and possibly more importantly – wine drinking (also a major source of flavonoids).

So naturally, I had a large glass of the good stuff with dinner last night.  We made an awesome salmon marinate (sesame oil, garlic powder, pepper, brown sugar, sesame seeds) with a side of roasted asparagus.  Not too bad for a Monday.


Today, on the menu:

Breakfast – English muffin with PB and mixed berries


Lunch –  Leftover chicken burger on English muffin with swiss cheese, baby spinach, cucumber, 2 clementines


Snack – Chobani yogurt


Dinner – leftover salmon

Have a great day!


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