A Weekend of Snow Festivities

Good morning!  I’m finally back to the grind after a long weekend of winter fun in Buffalo.  I hit the road after work on Friday and got to bed early in preparation for a long day of skiing!



It was a beautiful day to be outside and my parents and brother even took a little road trip to join in on the fun!


This was actually only the third time I have ever gone skiing, so I took a few spills.  But overall, it was a great time and I can’t wait to go again!

I still can’t get over how beautiful the trees are at the top of the slopes.


Sunday we decided to continue the snow festivities.  It was a balmy 40 degrees in the morning before more bad weather set in, so we suited up and took advantage of the warmer weather.



That cute little Beester is a snow man terrorist.  When she’s not chasing her frisbee around she is digging apart the balls of snow we were trying to get started for a snow man.  But we finally succeeded!


I’m pretty sure she’s eyeing up that carrot nose.

And just in case you were wondering how many calories are burned playing in the snow, check out this article from PopSugar:

Get Physical: Play in the Snow

This morning for breakfast is a warm mug of lemon water, followed by a peanut butter English muffin and more mango (yum)!



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