Finance Fridays

Good morning, and happy Friday! Woohoo we made it!

Last night when I was brainstorming I had a new idea for Friday posts.  I have been struggling for a while to determine how I am going to incorporate Finance into the blog.  Although I am an Accountant and some finance is a part of my everyday life, it’s hard to find good interesting topics to write about.  So every Friday I am making it my goal to provide one finance tip!

#1 – Contribute at LEAST the company match amount to your 401k

If you work for a company that provides the benefit of a 401k, chances are they also provide a company match percentage on 401k contributions.  Often times when we are signing up for benefits we are in the midst of learning a new job and do what we can to wade through all of the paperwork and fine print.   And if you’re anything like me, you don’t go through the seemingly grueling process to change your benefits every single year.  But listen up, this is important!

Financial health and retirement are just as important as medical and dental coverage.  These illustrations break down a few different examples of company match scenarios:

The bottom line?  If you are not contributing at least the company match, then you are basically walking away from retirement money that your company is handing to you (and trust me, you are working for it).

Now on to the fun stuff – this morning I made it to an early EFX class and packed up breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and a yogurt snack.



I wasn’t feeling the traditional salad today, so I went with the chicken, potatoes, a slice of swiss, and hot sauce.  (Salad veggie toppings on the side).




After work today I am headed up to the great white north.  Buffalo here I come!  Have a great Friday!


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