Some Days You Just Gotta Sleep In

Happy Friday!

I’m so pumped that we finally made it to the weekend.  I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Friday is basically the weekend.  What’s 8 hours of work when you don’t have a bedtime!

Yesterday morning I was exhausted when my alarm went off and I opted to stay in bed and get an extra half hour of sleep, and it was glorious.  I was feeling so mentally, physically, emotionally, everything exhausted.  Sometimes you just need a day off (or at least a morning off).  I did hit the gym to log 4 miles after work, but it was a crap shoot.  I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t work out, but I was completely OK with it.

Last night I came home after the gym and cooked up some delicious cheeseburger casserole.  I found the recipe on the Skinny Taste blog, and it is so delicious.

While the casserole was baking, I chopped up a whole jar of pickles for sprinkling on top:





After dinner I was craving brownies in the worst way but I was feeling way too lazy to bake some, so I settled for a spoonful of Nutella.  What a great way to end a Thursday night.

And speaking of Thursday night, TGIT is back on ABC which means Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are back on!  If you’ve never seen them I would highly recommend you get to watching.  The first few seasons of Scandal are available on Netflix.

This morning I rolled out of bed nice and early to hit an EFX class, shovel some snow, and made some hot lemon water and this delicious protein shake:



For lunch I packed a delicious kale, chicken, rice salad:


And for a snack I have this delicious leftover from Wednesday


Why didn’t I eat my snack on Wednesday?  (you may be asking yourself), well let me tell you.  I brought in these super yummy Pita Bites.  You’ll notice on the top left it says “Sensible Portions”, and I think the real question here is… if you eat the whole bag, is it still a sensible portion??? (Because that’s what I did in a matter of 2 days).



Well time to hit the showers and get to the grind.  Have a great day!


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