Pittsburgh Style Chicken Salad Minus the Salad

Happy Friday, the best day of the week!

Last night I came home with the intention to cook up a delicious Pittsburgh-style chicken salad.  (If you’re not familiar with a ‘Pittsburgh salad’ it usually includes any type of salad with greens and the secret ingredient…. french fries/potato wedges!)  Grilled chicken, potato wedges, mushroom, tomato. However, when I opened the lettuce I discovered it was getting a little slimy and gross, so I opted to skip the “salad” part of the salad.

I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, olive oil, and smoked paprika


And roasted some potatoes in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Montreal Steak seasoning:



Normally I would put this all on top of a salad and top it with a light drizzle of ranch and some balsamic vinegar.  But since I had improvise, I just put all of the toppings on a small plate and used a little ranch for dipping with a glass of iced cranberry juice:


This morning I got up and started my packing for a weekend in the great white north (Buffalo), hit an EFX class, and made some breakfast:

A whole grain English muffin with AB&J, a fried egg, and some warm lemon water.


For lunch I packed some leftover Pittsburgh chicken salad without the salad and a drizzle of hot sauce on top:


And for an afternoon snack I’m excited to try this Chobani greek yogurt with oats


It’s gonna be a busy one!  Have a great weekend!


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