Painting with a Twist

Yesterday afternoon we decided to partake in the painting and drinking craze.  A few months ago I decided to  run the Pittsburgh marathon for the Animal Rescue League and one of the fundraisers was a painting class at Painting with a Twist.  For $45 per person we had 3 hours of painting/drinking/entertainment and $33 of that went to the Animal Rescue League.  Altogether the event raised $3,500 for the ARL.  Not too shabby.


The picture that we painted was a picture of Pittsburgh, and it was not exactly a beginner level painting so we were a little nervous.  Luckily our instructor talked us through it and they turned out pretty well!

We started out with a blank canvas with an outline penciled in so that we could all begin our painting with the right proportions:


Then we painted the sky, the water, and the darker land area.  After this we listened to music and drank a beer while the paint dried.


After the background was mostly dried we painted the buildings:


Then added the highways and the Point Park fountain:


After we let that dry a little, we added all of the dots. (there were a lot).  It looks much more impressive the farther back you are standing.  But I was pretty proud of our masterpieces!


This morning started out with a hot mug of lemon water, a lemon raspberry muffin, and a fried egg.


Kris is off today for the holiday so I took a vacation day. 🙂  It’s going to be a good Monday!


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