Mind Body Connect App

Happy Friday! We finally made it.

Last night I headed up to my parents’ house after work to pick up the little B-ster and mom made delicious  salmon with potatoes and roasted vegetables:


And I even managed to take some leftovers for lunch today! This morning I managed to get out of bed bright and early for one more day to go to an EFX class.  Man, I am sore.  I think it’s safe to say I hit the gym hard this week (and may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow).  For breakfast I had my lemon water, made an English muffin with almond butter & jam, a fried egg, and half a grapefruit.


Since I signed up for FASTER, I have been using the Mind Body Connect app.  I had heard about it before but I never got around to checking it out.  Somehow it had already saved some Favorites including the specialty gyms/studios I have been to even when I was traveling for work in other states!   (creepy??)  There are lots of different uses for the app, but FASTER uses it to sign up for a class.  Although there isn’t a penalty for signing up and not showing (that I know of) this app helps to hold me more accountable.

You can also search for nearby classes, spas, chiropractors, etc. and see their current schedules and offers.  This is what the home page looks like:


Once you book a few classes you can view your schedule for the week and remove or add classes/appointments as needed.  It’s pretty cool, especially if you are looking for new activities in your area!

Have a good day!


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