8 Races to Complete in 2015

Good morning and happy Friday!!

This morning started off with my second EFX (Enhanced Functional Exercise) class at FASTER, and it was a good one. The class consists of an hour of challenging circuits in an upbeat atmosphere.

Breakfast this morning is another friend egg, half of an AB&J English muffin, and a grapefruit.


For lunch I am planning to go out with a few friends (probably to Mexico, yessss), and for dinner I’m going to my sisters.  So minimal meal planning today, which is nice! Aren’t Friday’s the best?

Last night I started to put together my tentative list of races to complete in 2015.  Having something to work toward keeps me accountable, and I love a good 5k followed by a big breakfast or a few beers and brunch.  So here it is, the 2015 line-up:

1. Cupid’s Chase 5k – Saturday, February 14th 2015

2. Pittsburgh Pirate’s 5k – Saturday, TBD April 2015

3. Pittsburgh UPMC Half Marathon – Sunday, May 3 2015

4. Buffalo Half Marathon – Sunday, May 24th 2015

5. 50 Yard Finish – 5k or 10k – Saturday, June 27th

6. Gatorade Steeler’s 5k – TBD August/September 2015

7. Pittsburgh Great Race 5k – Sunday, September 27th 2015

8. EQT 10 Miler – November 2015


Some of these races I have completed in the past and others are completely new. Bring on 2015!


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