Cuteness Aggression

Hello, hello! I hope you had a great Tuesday!

It was a busy one for me! I have been working late recently (ahhh the glamorous life of an accountant at year-end), so I have not been very good about getting my workouts in.  I actually visited my parents last night and woke up bright and early at 5am this morning to hit a spinning class, but my plans were soon crushed by a snow storm and a bevy of accidents.  A 30-40 minute drive turned into a treacherous 2 hour event.  So needless to say… I was lucky I even made it to work on time, let alone the gym.  Hopefully tomorrow will be my day!

On the plus side, mom made a mean chicken salad for dinner last night:


Mixed greens, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, and thousand island dressing. mmmmm.  She has definitely mastered the art of cooking/baking and food presentation.  She’s a rockstar in the kitchen.  I can only hope it’s a genetic trait 🙂

But on to the title of this post.  Have you ever seen something so cute that you just want to rub it’s fuzzy little ears all over your face and squeeze it to death?  (I know, it sounds terrible).  Almira from Looney Tunes, anyone?

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 6.45.08 PM

Well, I experience this feeling A LOT. I even get sad cuteness aggression, like this evening when I came home to change my clothes and saw this little B toy laying on my bed:


B is at my parents’ this evening, since she needs more exercise and loving than I can give her during the week with work.  So she gets to hang out with her brother Bear and Mammy during the day:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 6.55.20 PM

But for some reason, I just came home and saw her little toy on the bed and it makes me so sad because it is so cute.  Does that even make sense??? I used to think maybe I was just a little crazy (the jury’s still out), until one day I saw something that changed everything.  An UberFacts tweet.


OK. Full disclosure, I have no idea who validates some of these Uber “Facts”.  But I choose to believe this is absolutely true.  So there you have it, cuteness aggression is real.  My name is Shae, and I have a problem.

Now to tackle this 3 hour Bachelor season premier.  I love farmer Chris.  However, they have built him up so much that I’m feeling a little skeptical.  I really hope I can continue to love him from afar after “getting to know” his Bachelor persona.


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