Welcome, 2015! The Year of the Green Thumb?

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t exactly start 2015 off with a bang.  I actually learned a very sad and valuable lesson… I can’t handle more than about 2 drinks.  I planned to make my pork and sauerkraut, get my life organized, and start off on the right foot on January 1st!  How wrong I was. We stayed in and had a few friends over for New Years Eve.  It was nice and low key and I had about 4 drinks, nothing wild and crazy, but apparently I am getting old because I had the worst hangover of my life.  We’re talking 2 days, barely getting down water, borderline deathbed.  And I had to work on Friday.  Yikes.  I’m not proud, it was miserable.  But on the bright side, hopefully I can really only go up from here?  So here are some random happenings from the past couple days:

This morning we celebrated my coming back from the dead with a delicious breakfast of dippy eggs, blueberry English muffins, turkey bacon, and grapefruit. mmmmm.


Last night, to cheer me up,  Kris was nice enough to let me pick out a Beta fish and buy it for him. (There’s something wrong with this picture).  We think his name is going to be Ollie Walter Williams (because those are the 3 names we keep calling him).  So far he’s doing great, and B thinks his food smells deliciosa!


On another note, I think today might be the day that my orchids start to bloom!!



They are really happy on the windowsill and bloom about twice a year.  One of these days I’m going to commit to taking a photo series that I can turn into a flip book to watch them bloom.  I love plants, and I have a small assortment of orchids.  Did you know they can take around 7 years to bloom from the time they are planted??  Crazy, right.  I don’t nurse them from little baby orchids, I don’t have the patience or the skill set (yet), but I am still waiting on a few young’nz to show their first blossoms:


They share some shelf space with this little aloe plant that Kris harvested as a tiny baby:


(yes, I keep it in a yogurt container… it looks kind of ridiculous, but it works great!)

I think this year we may attempt a small flower and vegetable garden.  However, Kris always jokes that if a plant is not within a 3 foot radius of the sink it is doomed.  Case and point, this poor little poinsettia I am trying to nurse back to life after I forgot about it…


I know, it’s embarrassing.  But if you look closely you can see little green buds coming back!! I have made it my mission to nurse it back to health for next year.

I am also working on a list of races to run this year that I will be sure to share! I hope your 2015 is off to a much better start than mine!


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