Sleep Drunk + Eggnog Smoothie

Good morning! We’re slowly inching closer and closer to glorious Friday (thank goodness).

Yesterday morning started bright and early with a Fusion class, followed by another day of (you guessed it), leftovers! Well sort of, I did go out to lunch with a few co-workers and and got an awesome veggie omelet with hash browns.  But dinner was the last of the chicken chili.  Ever feel like you deserve a medal for finishing up leftovers? I may or may not have done a victory lap last night.

I also got my gifts wrapped:


And did some meal prep for lunch today, another batch of chicken and rice for a salad. I had never thought to make rice with chicken broth, but I may never go back.  It adds so much flavor.


This morning I woke up late for the spinning class I planned to go to.  After a small debate in my head about going and doing a treadmill workout… I went back to bed.  (Maybe I will make up for it this evening? That’s what I will tell myself anyway.)

After I fell back asleep I ventured into what I like to call the twilight zone.  You know that place where you think you might be awake because your dreams are not that far fetched, but somewhere deep inside you also know you need to be waking up soon?  That was me this morning.  I had a dream I was in my room and my alarm clock read 7:34, only to wake up (for real) and realize it was 7:16 (still late).  I then stumbled out of bed and went to shower feeling extremely sleep drunk (and I mean stumbled).  I might have washed my hair 3 times? Or maybe 2 times in real life and once in my dreams? It’s really hard to say what actually happened and what didn’t this morning. But I do know this, I made an awesome Eggnog Smoothie for breakfast and that was pretty freaking real:

Eggnog Protein Smoothie


– 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt

– 1/2 banana

– sprinkle of cinnamon

– 1/4 cup eggnog

– 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk

– 1 tbsp Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter

Blend and enjoy!


I invested in this little travel blender/mug a few years ago and I would highly recommend it.  Especially if you are someone who always seems to be short on time. Gotta run! Have a great day!


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