The Week of the Leftovers + The Crafting of the Sweater

Good morning!

Yesterday I started my day with a one mile run on the treadmill and this awesome circuit workout (yes, it’s from Halloween but it still kicked my butt!). Breakfast was the usual Ezekial bread with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter and a small glass of OJ


Followed by 2 cups of coffee (mmmmm, coffee)

Lunch was a kale, brown rice, chicken salad


For a snack I had a cup of green tea, a hard boiled egg, and half a banana (followed by a couple pieces of chocolate candy at the office).

Dinner was leftover salmon and potatoes – I have so many leftovers in my fridge this week.  It makes me feel great that I am saving money and not wasting food, but unfortunately, it’s not very exciting.


But do you know what is exciting?! Today is the big sweater day at work! I got a little crafty last night and combined a sweater tent with a tree skirt to create one heck of a Christmas sweater

Tree Skirt: (all Christmas supplies are 60% off at Michael’s)


Weird turtle neck/sweater/dress:


I completely destroyed the tree skirt by cutting out the snowman and the cardinal and pinning them on the lovely sweater:


I even did a little a lot of sewing:


Unfortunately, I don’t have a great place at home to get a good full length picture so I’ll have to get one later today!

Happy Tuesday!


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