A Very Festive Tuesday

I started this morning’s post with a brief tutorial on my Christmas sweater. I spent all last night watching Seinfeld re-runs and hand sewing this bad boy by the tree.


So here is what the finished product looked like:


A couple of weeks ago my mom found this cute glowing snowman pin, so obviously I had to pair it with my masterpiece:


Nailed it!

Overall, I’d say not bad for my first sweater crafting! It was a little itchy and warm, but I got lots of comments.  And it’s always nice knowing no one else will have the same sweater (unless of course they also destroyed a tree skirt with the hopes of turning it into a sweater). I even got my nails up to par:


But I still can’t believe Christmas is next week! So I ended my day with a grueling trip to the mall.  I don’t care what anyone says, Christmas shopping is about as fun as going to the airport… by the time you leave you are exhausted, sweaty, and hangry. And that doesn’t even take into account the possibility that you are still wearing your itchy Christmas sweater and 6 inch boots.  But on the plus side, I am just about done with my shopping and I’m already way too excited to give my gifts.  It makes it all worth it.

When I got home I immediately removed the itchy Christmas sweater, made a bowl of leftover slow cooker chicken chili, and followed it with a delicious piece of chocolate biscotti (my mom makes the best biscotti) and typed this post for your viewing pleasure. I hope you had a great day!  

Mom's Double Chocolate Biscotti
Mom’s Double Chocolate Biscotti

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