The Balancing Act + A Confession

OK, I have a confession to make… I thought blogging about my exercise and meal plans for the week would help hold me 100% accountable. It makes complete sense in my head. BUT for some reason the opposite seems to keep happening.  Every time I write down a meal or exercise plan BEFORE I do it,  I end up completely deviating.  (so I started to wonder if I was jinxing myself? or if I have a blogging curse?)

Or, more realistically, maybe I just never noticed how often I end up re-arranging the plan to fit other things I want to do. But I can’t imagine how bad it would be if I didn’t have a plan at all. Kind of like when you know you are late for everything, you start telling yourself you need to be places a half hour before the actual start time. (I’m 100% guilty of this and I’m still late way more often than I’d like to admit.)

So, where do you draw the line between indulgence and discipline? If my friends want to get together for happy hour on a night that I plan to go to a class at the gym, chances are I’m not going to skip the happy hour (being healthy does not mean putting life on hold).  So I will inevitably end up skipping the class at the gym.  BUT getting in a workout is still a priority for me, so I will probably try to modify my workout to either fit something quick in before the happy hour, OR switch with a rest day that week.

Now, not to say I’m going to stop planning… I always have a plan for just about everything.  But, I accept that the plan may not always come to fruition (I know, what a terrible cliché).  Being healthy is a balancing act and indulging once in a while is completely necessary.

So far this week I have completely blown my plan. So let’s start over, I’ll check back this evening to let you know how things really went down today. (I’d call it a win if I make it to the gym and don’t eat a whole pizza for lunch again… whoops… but it was so good).

Have a good Tuesday!


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